Who wants to have a go at this?


Someone with a lot of free time will start at 0 and hope by 9999 that they get lucky?

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Wait, can’t you just gank the thing with something high damage and have an alt nearby? It will depend on your luck whether you will get it or not, but still, it’s better than trying all the numbers.


Doesn’t work like that, if you gank a secure container in space no loot drops


any clues, hints, or nudges in the right direct?

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Well, it’s in High Sec space so anyone who tries is gonna get Concorded.

Plus if I’m not mistaken, Secure Containers have an immense amount of hit points.

10 million hull points. Ganking it probably isnt an option.

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For anyone who’s seriously considering to try this, if you send me 5 bil Isk I’ll triple it.

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pfft, just take 2 friends and split the tries between you, you gank in teams, you mine in teams, might as well crack secure containers in teams :stuck_out_tongue:

Its really a 5 digit combo is it

cmon bro you guys know me… i’ve given billions of isk away in jita.

Actually i dont know you, never heard of you before.

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You want us to guess the passcode?

Try 1 2 3 4 5 jic

Lol, its empty. :frowning:

looks like someone else won

finally someone with a bit of mental fortitude took up the challenge… i never thought getting rid of plex would be so hard

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so what was the code?

5 4 8 2 = J I T A

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FYI, watch out for Code. They seem to think that loitering near a Can is close enough to mining to qualify for one of their circle jerks. =)