Loot Denial huehue

Are you space rich and fond of throwing pimp on anything you own? Don’t want filthy poors touching your warp disruptor worth fifteen of their ships if you explode?

Throw some throw some plasmids on that (on that)

Poors will be sad because even if it drops they won’t be able to resell it easily and they probably won’t use it because scared. Mutilate all your sick prop mods and points. Hell even your x type boosters why not? Make that bil frig killmail into a tech I fit!


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Yes, except we need something that makes it so the wreck doesn’t drop any shinies period, don’t want poors even having the slightest chance of profiting off my shinies


This is the closest thing I can think of other than dropping them in a depot :frowning:

I’ve given some thought about ganks today, it’s not just about kill board points, or a race to the bottom, or even mods that drop for people who gank at some point they reach bottom of everything and the only thing that matters is sodium chloride (salt), they want a reaction to the bologna they do, boredom is what drives it.

Can overheat modules so they have to pay for repair.
How much EHP does a crate have if you eject your cargo and try to explode it?
Not sure how the EHP of Mobile Depot work for the 60s setup time, but afaik you can dump cargo in there, forcing the attackers to return to destroy it later.

Or you could just cheap fit your ships. Then they would only loot cheap stuff. T1 modules, here we gooooooooohhhhhooooo!

can’t eject your fit.

Put a 315315 ISK bounty on their heads. Bounty Hunters from all over the galaxy will come to hunt them relentlessly. I guess. :wink: Or put 500 plex in cargo in the hope the lootfairy says no. :smiling_imp:

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