Giant Secure Container losing password, even anchored and correct password defined


I am new on EVE and it is my first post. Sorry for any mistake or if I am reposting something old, but I am looking for an explantion why my Giant Secure Containers are loosing the passwords after a couple days.

I am trying to understand what is happening with my anchored and password protected Giant Secure Containers.


  1. I place a Giant Secure Container
  2. I anchor it
  3. I lock it with a password
  4. Password works fine for a couple days (not 30 days)
  5. Suddenly, password are not recognized anymore
  6. I can´t access my own locked container anymore
  7. I unchor, retrieve, back to station and repack
  8. After this process, I can set the container again with password
  9. After a couple days password is gone… etc…etc…etc…

This post talk about lost passwords, but it seems there are no explanation why password are being losing

I check some infos in this post, specially about gank containers, but nothing conclusive.

Can someone help me with any info about this situation? Is a bug? Hack? Legal mechanic?

Thank you


Other posts I checked

EVE Search - Stealing secure containers (very old post)

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Sorry, again, for any old information. I am new on EVE and trying to understand the mechanic.

I’ve been researching a little more and I found that, apparently, the community has been complaining about the containers anchored in the belts. The community claims that they lag the game. So, there are many suggestions for CCP to create a mechanism to “expire” the password of the container, forcing the owner to remove it, since the password would be automatically changed by some random one. This exchange would also allow another player to try to hack the container. I don’t know if this suggestion was actually implemented by CCP … but it makes sense in view of the fact that my passwords are expiring.

Found something in the old EVE forum:

Does it make sense?


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It seems to be a bug.

I closed the game and laucher for almost 3h. After return, containers passwords are working again.

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If the issue happens again, submit a bug report about it.

Also after logging into the game it helps to clear all cache files in Esc menu - reset settings tab.

Another option that’s good to do is verify downloaded files in the shared cache menu of the Launcher.


Thank you for ideas!

I noticed that reloging solved the issue.


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