Secure cargo and forgotten password

I have been in cryosleep for about seven years. I finally woke up yesterday and start looking for stuff that belong to me, including some cargo secured by a password. I couldn’t figure out those passwords. So I tried to blow my container, and got blown away in a split second.
Apparently I forgot a lot of important stuff during my nap.
Can someone tell me if I can get those containers back? and how?

I guess you could submit a ticket and outline the issue. CCP may help, if not then without those passwords you’re not getting in…

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Reason 594302 why 100% safe is bad.

If cargo containers were hackable your problem would be solved.

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how about you right click it, retrieve password and it sends you the password in your in game mail. :eyes:

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Welcome back! Boy are you in for some shocks.

Ah ah, yes indeed!

Hi there,
Sadly I don’t have this option.

are they your cans ? :grin:

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Funny thing, there are not.
Thanks for the obvious question, I admit I smiled first, now I feel stupid.
Mine are just a bit further, I got confused with all the items around. So I found mine but they are just a legend floating in space there is nothing there. So I can’t even have options about it.

it’s all good, least ya have it sorted more or less :wink: and you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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