Wormhole Upwell Thievery

So I found a citadel in wh space deanchoring, and managed to track it until it deanchored (I hacked the station and guessed from the reinforcement time they choose they’d also pick a deanchor time in the same hours - so I swung by to check the location around that time every day). I managed to witness deanchoring, unfortunately I didn’t have the firepower to take on the crew that was already there to scoop it up, so no go on snatching the citadel. But there was also a “Hanger Container” that spilled out when it deanchored.

It appears that I can’t do anything with this other than blow it up for tears? They’re bigger than (I think) any ship can scoop, and password locked. Is this something that all citadels do when they deanchor/blow up? Is this working as intended?

I recently stole some anchored citadels and unanchored them myself, and they all dropped hangar containers. When I inspected these containers, they were not password protected, but they were empty - so it seems that a container will drop regardless of whether anything is in it. I don’t know if the owner has the option to set a password, I never thought to check.

This probably isn’t helpful, but I too am curious. I would suggest you blow it up and see if anything drops.

Wow, I’m an idiot. I just realized that safety was enabled, which is what prevented me from looting the container (not a password). Apparently it doesn’t give you a message saying you’re trying to do something the safety is preventing.

To answer your question though, it looks like it behaves like a jetcan, so I assume blowing up the container just poofs it, no wreck/loot, no killmail. If it’s still there when I go back, I’ll let you know.

the containers can contain items that were in the citadel from fully fitted ships to PI, Ammo… anything. You can you kill all the things or if there are ships you can fly then find somewhere to dock in K-space come back in your pod and fly the ships out.

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