Container anchored in space. Container is stuck within the boundaries of a station

I have several, 10-20 at any given time, containers anchored within the boundaries of my home station. They are not my containers. Best I can tell they are empty and are corporate recruiting spam.

Now the issue. All the containers are, or appear to be, located within the boundaries of the station. As in when scanned or approached they are deep in the structure of the station. They are not accessible.

Is this normal, a bug, or an exploit? Is there a way to remove the offending trash from the area?

Anchored containers should disappear after 30 days unless accessed. Unanchored should disappear after a couple of hours - similar to wrecks.

If you can anchor within the boundaries of a structure, I suspect a bug and recommend you submit a bug report. It should be fairly easy for CCP to set anchoring limits so structures (anchored containers should qualify as structures) can’t be too close to each other.

Do you have a screenshot? With collision mechanics, that shouldnt be possible.

I have spent about two hours probing the station. (back, front, top, bottom) I can not discover where the cans are located.

Have you tried clicking on the container, and then shifting your point of view to the container itself? it is the eyeball icon in the same window as the manual targetting, orbitting, etc icons on the right hand side of your screen.

I have. I was hopping to be able to see the route to the container. The containers are well within the collision boundary of the station.

Okay, then i dont know what happened because its clearly a glitch. Try submitting a ticket and see what the GMs say.

Have you tried to bookmark and then warp to the containers?

Just tried your warp idea. The collision boundary of the station prevented Warp to Zero, or Warp to Bookmark. Just bounced off.

Maybe they are just jettisoned but not anchored and they used some very heavy ship with that module or rig that drastically reduces your speed (which miners use to keep aligned while barely moving at all so they can mine aligned but not interfere with their mining ops much) thus they warped to a bookmark or abandoned drone or tractored inside the station jetcan and had enough time to jettison the containers or could do this even without that speed reduction module / rig if clicked fast enough. Still they should not be able to actually anchor them that close which means they should disappear after a day or something.

The cans are persistent for more than a day (not jetcan) indicating they may be anchored (30 day lifespan).

Just realized you can click them, show info and in the attributes it will show how many days are left IF they are actually anchored. But just for future reference as if they are there since more than a day they should be anchored AFAIK.

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