Mystery of the vanishing can / items?

Last night I pulled into station and unloaded my cargohold. All was well.
This morning I log into the game to find my invetory in shambles, Several cans in the items menu were gone! And I have items scattered theoughout my items menue. No telling what I am missing. I have tried to file a bug report and that is not working. I am also getting a failed to contact server for logging into the forums. Can someone please get these issues fixed??

Doing a mission, no changes at other stations

If you can’t file a support ticket, you can always email CCP support directly.

Hope you get it sorted.

Tyvm. The page finely loaded correctly and I got a report in.

Did you ‘select all’ and ‘repackage’ perhaps?

That could be the reason your cans got emptied.

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Important question…were you drunk last night?

Yes, I figures it out after some trial and error.

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