2 questions

  1. I found a usual cargo container of other player, but i just can’t stole his things. Why? How to steal them?
  2. Can cruiser scan a frigate on a novice outpost and then warp to it?
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  1. You need to change your safety setting from green to yellow to steal from another player. It is the button just to the left of your central UI circle. Stealing is great fun, but do remember you will become a suspect and can be attacked by other players. Only do so in a ship you are ready to lose.

  2. Yes. Any ship with combat probes can scan down any other ship. Smaller ships, like frigates are harder to scan down so you might have trouble with basic equipment and poor skills to scan down a frigate, but it is completely possible. Once you have a 100% scan you can warp to the target.


to further what pedro has said

#1 https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Safety_settings

#2 https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Scanning


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