Getting scanned


Is there a way to know when my ship is being scanned by cargo scanner, who is scanning me and is there a way to prevent being scanned?

Thank you.

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Typically you will see someone yellow box you. There is no warning that they are actually scanning you, but it is safe to assume that if some ship yellow boxes you in HS that you are being scanned. If you are carrying serious cargo, its a good idea to dock up at that time or take other evasive action.


Good scanners use passive targeting, so no yellow box. However you can see a visual effect in space along a line going from scanner ship to your ship plus a typical sound when you zoom in.

You can only prevent by being fast or using a ship which is immune to cargo scanning (only blockade runners iirc). Fast means, don’t stay longer than 2-3 in range of a potential scanner. Use insta warpouts, insta dock spots, never autopilot, use MWD/cloak trick while traveling.

As cargo scanning is meant to identify gank worthy targets, lowering the value loaded below the gank threshold (remember ~50% of the load drops) is the best way to avoid the consequences. Freighters are for bulky low value stuff, small high value stuff goes in an interceptor or blockade runner.

Also the immunity of blockade runners to cargo scans plus their price tag make them prime gank targets if they can be caught. But luckily they are fast, agile and have a covert ops cloak.


What do you mean by “yellow box me” ?

“… going from scanner ship…” how do I know which is the scanner ship and what do you mean by “a visual effect” ?
What does that “typical sound” sound like? How do I know which sound it is if I never heard it before?
I do recognize some sounds but I don’t know which sound it is for scanners.

And there is NO module that prevents being scanned??

No such module exists

Are you sure??

Yes? Why else would I have said so.

To err is human.

So let me get this straight. We can get scanned without a clear indication but some easy-to-miss “line” that I haven’t seen yet or a “sound” that I haven’t heard before - or didn’t recognize and there’s no module whatsoever to counter it ?
WOW, ok.
Thank you for the info.

I still don’t know what that “line” or that “sound” are like. I guess I’ll wait to be scanned and see for myself. Maybe a kind capsuleer can show me in-game.

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Yellow boxing means you are targeted but not being fired upon - the ship targeting you shows a yellow frame in the overview. However, this only appears if the ship is not using a passive targeting module (basically: stealth targeting), so it is not a reliable indicator.

The only reliable indicator is a faint display of the scan beam between ships, and a sound that plays, both of which are only noticeable at close zoom levels.

There are no modules that confer immunity to cargo or ship scanning effects. Blockade runner ship hulls are immune to cargo scanning as a ship class feature.

Edit: as for what it looks like:
EVE Uni article


Oh I’ve seen that before! Now I understand.

Understood. I get it now.

Thank you very much for your help!


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All haulers and higher value ships are scanned on the common travel/trade routes. Usually a few jumps before the gank squad’s location (to give evaluation and setup time).


Good info! I’ll watch for that. Next time I see a yellow box I’ll at least know what it’s about.

Yellow boxes are rare and the scanning graphic is subtle. The best indication that somebody is going to scan you is that they have sensor boosters turned on and have zero velocity - the sensor booster is a dramatic white glowing effect that is easy to see. People who do a bunch of passive scanning usually fit these so that they can (passively) lock you faster and get a couple of scan cycles in before you warp away or jump.

Of course, if is is a tornado or some other combat ship, they may not plan to scan you.


More info. I appreciate it, Xeux o7

I did see yellow boxes in the overview on my way to Amarr so I think it’s not so rare.
The scanning to lock a target faster… I’ll equip one on my ship and tinker with it.
I have a lot to learn…

You may be yellow boxed, you may hear a sound, you might see the scan “effect” on screen if you zoom out enough to see it at the gate. Can’t rely on any of those. If you are moving high value items then you need to scout ahead, recognise who the scanners are who are camping gates then adjust standings so they appear marked in local. Being aware of all those gives you the best chance to just dock up and shuttle back to try again later but nothing is for sure, sometimes BOB says it’s ur turn.

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So I need to know who’s who “in the neighborhood” within the systems I would usually travel, the regulars, the gate campers and recognize who’s just passing through and take notes.

It’s ok. I don’t plan to be a hauler or a miner anyway.

I think it’s the case that stuff in containers (in your cargo) can’t be scanned, only the containers themselves.

There is both a static buzz noise that is quite distinctive and a white-blue beam that flashes to your ship. Both are very obvious once you know what you’re listening / looking for.

Even when I am in an empty hauler (they don’t know that of course) I get scanned 3-4 times on a 14 jump run from Jita to Dodixie.

Safe to assume you have always been scanned.