Getting scanned

Static buzz and white/blue beam, gotcha o7

Thanks for the help :sparkling_heart:

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it’s actually the reverse - cargo scanning only shows container contents (including inventory of assembled ships in a frigate escape bay, for example), not the containers themselves (so the frigate in said escape bay won’t show on the scan, only its inventory). Containers are visible if repackaged, or, if they are nested, the inner container is shown - and the only nestable containers are Plastic Wrap. This is why couriers will accept a contract with one alt (plastic wrap layer = 1 : contents can be scanned) and then make a second courier contract from the accepting alt to their hauler alt for the plastic wrap on the same route (plastic wrap layers = 2 : scanning now shows only a ‘plastic wrap’ object, as the outer wrap is scanned to show contents but the inner wrap is not penetrated by the scan).


I thought Dravick was mistaken.
Thank you for your in-depth explanation !


Btw, cool way to earn some money. Put a double wrap Tritanium into a shuttle and undock from Jita … wait, and offer the KR for 10M.


Σε σκαναρουνε φιλε?,

What’s KR ?

Kill right …


Thanks for that, I must have misread how that works (never tried it myself).

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No problem - it’s a pretty funky behavior, and I had to read through the EVE Uni article on it several times and experimenting with it before it made sense!

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One thing I haven’t seen mentioned here (I may have missed it), is that there is a setting that controls whether you may see the scanning beam and hear the sound:

ESC Settings Window > Display & Graphics > Effects > Effects

Even though that setting is under Display & Graphics, it controls whether you may hear the sound too (provided you’re zoomed in enough).

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