All about Scanners

I would like to ask something and have more understanding about scanners.

I’m new player and am trying to understand how this game works. I have been playing for a few days and was checking out the scanner ( the button above the autopilot ).
I set the scanner to 360° and hit Scan.
It shows me a LOT of things but I don’t know how to travel to those things.
For example,

  1. I see a LOT of wrecks on the scanner but I don’t know how to go to those wrecks.
    I see stations and gates on the scanner and when I right-click on them it gives me option to warp to or dock… but when I click on the wrecks it only gives me two options: Remove/add from/to overview and another option not worth mentioning ( I forgot it ) no doesn’t give me any option to be able to get to the wrecks.
    Why do things appear on the scanner if I have no way of reaching them? I see them in the list and on the 3d map as I hover my mouse cursor over them but there is no way to warp to anything except the things I can find on the overview.
    Can anyone help me understand what I should do with the info from the Scanner?

  2. I saw those modules ( I guess they are jammer or scanner or anti-scanners ( I really don’t know because the info panel is vague on what they are and what they do ) but they are ECM and Radar and Ladar and a bunch of other things I don’t understand. Some of them are green target-looking like modules and some are orange and some are blue… What are those modules for? They go on the mid-slots, that’s all I’m sure of.

What is a Ladar? I never heard of those. What is ECM?

Sorry if this post is not very clear but I yet lack the EVE vocabulary to be precise. I hope someone will understand what I mean and explain things to me.

I’m new to space games. Usually I play Fortnite and Team Fortress. I didn’t own a computer before, my brother let me use his but now my daddy bought me a brand new computer for my birthday and I really want to play EVE Online because I think it’s an awesome game and I watched some videos about EVE but I’m mostly lost on what I’m supposed to do.

I tried to read about everything on EVE University website but there’s a LOT of information and I don’t understand the half of them.

I’m sorry for being new and asking but I really want to play this game but it’s complicated and that’s okay, that doesn’t bother me that much but when I log in I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

I did the training bit with Aura but it doesn’t help much.
Sorry and thank you for answering.
Please, when you answer, keep in mind I’m totally new so be easy on the jargon? Please. Thank you.

Well, you are perfectly right, there’s a LOT of information.
I propose to watch some Youtube vids entering keywords and EVE, there you can see what experienced players actually do.
But now to your questions:
The scanner you mention is called D-Scan and shows everything in range. Unfortunately it can’t locate anything but stations. There’s other tools to do the job, but wrecks you will never be able to scan down (I started as a looter and salvager and was quite unhappy to learn that fact).
D-Scan is an information tool rather than a navigation tool. E.g. if there are wrecks, there was someone shooting - perhaps he’s still around? If there are several Battleships when you are in range of a stargate in Lowsec, this might be a smartbomb gatecamp. I should be cautious if I gonna fly there.

The scanner modules you mentioned are ECM (electronic counter measures) for direct contact and don’t interfere with D-Scan, but the ability to lock a target. There’s much electronic warfare possibilities, but hey, just start shooting before thinking about all the gadgets.

And here’s some vocabulary work for you to do…
Just kidding, we’re not in school, but it’s helpful to have a link to look up the abbreviations and termini used in New Eden.

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Just ask in local if you can help salvaging, perhaps the ratter doesn’t mind and lets you tidy up the scene.

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LOL thank you.

I would very much like to start understanding what I’m supposed to do and how it all works. Thank you for your help, it’s a start to look in the right direction.

You can also change what filters the D-Scan uses and even customize those filters to add/remove items that you feel are worth noting. Eventually you will have different filters and select them for whatever task you are doing.

It is best to avoid information overload and filter out junk that you are not interested in.

For example, I have a filter that only shows player ships, probes, and bubbles. This gives me a quick scan of certain dangers. One with player ships + wrecks could show a potential target ratter/missioner. A filter with only POS and POS shields, if the total of both don’t match you know a POS is missing shields and can be attacked easy Etc.

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Thank you. I didn’t notice I could use filters! I’ll take a closer look at that panel!

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