This forum is brutal

I wish. Not everyone appreciates good fashion sense like you, Tutu.

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This topic has to be the most active topic I’ve posted in, in a while. 180+ posts in 3 hours. Not bad.

I miss the old days, in which conflict resolution took the form of seeing who could first poke whom with a sharp thing.

The half-crazy highsec guys haven’t arrived yet.

That’s a funny cartoon! I cracked up out loud reading it. Thank you for posting that. I’m printing it and putting it above my PC so when I log into EVE I can remember how hilarious some people who play this game actually are.

Not recommended. When you father sees that he will realize what sort of place the Eve Forums are, and he will tell you not to come back.


OK I stand corrected but to go from asking about sensors, scanning, and trying to get to wrecks to questioning the ethical nature of forums is quite a big jump.

Oh man, I’m thinking of that “son, I am disappoint” meme right now where the son is explaining to his father about how he’s mining in EVE Online.

I’m sure you’ll be able to get over it. Eventually.


Get over what? Now where did I put my beer.

I’m sure you’ll be able to over it. Eventually.

( ^^ )

Going to read that thread as soon as things calm down at my house. We’re having BBQ. Kids running around, dogs barking, teens wrestling… thanks for the link.

If that’s what it takes for you to feel good, I say go for it. I personally can ignore and scroll past.

I think that’s what I’d do too. I don’t like arguing with people who don’t even acknowledge their errors. Sometimes hard-headed people are best left in their illusions. We don’t know how bad they were hurt or what life has thrown at them.

He’s read some of what’s posted. His only comment was: Silly and he :roll_eyes: with his eyes and walked out my room, lol.

I’m sorry you don’t approve of my foruming. Good thing is, I don’t need your approval.
Thank you for posting.

The forum is brutal because CCP is brutal. They treat their playerbase pretty ■■■■■■■ poorly and haven’t released a successful piece of content in 6ish years. Furthermore they’ve REMOVED content for a lot of us.

On top of all of that CCP lies about their stance on botting. They claim to be staunchly opposed to it while in reality they are far more concerned with KEEPING BOTS than they are KEEPING PLAYERS.

So yea, we’re pretty jaded.

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This thread is moving so fast I’m having a hard time following it, lol. I’m still reading 10 posts back.

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Your welcome. I am curious as to how you got from A asking about scanning/ sensors etc to B The ethical nature of the forums. Approval was never in the equation.


A more up to date meme would be…