How's the community?

I’ve been away a while and of all the strange things to bring me back it was installing Eve Echoes and remembering how much I love and miss Eve Online. So here I am. I’ve been reading these forums for the past week or two and I’ve seen an immense level of barely controlled rage directed at basically everyone.

Granted, that’s somewhat par for the course here and in many games in general with forums. I suppose they attract a certain kind of person to them. Passionate about the game and their thoughts related to it, often to the point of seeing all other points of view as wholly invalid and thus worthy of mocking and ridicule.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing usually but it feels like this community is on the precipice of an exploding volcano and I wonder if any of you even notice it. I’ve seen insults that clearly break the spirit (and the letter) of the rules becoming commonplace and fully ignored. There’s barely a single thread I’ve read where people aren’t attacking people instead of ideas.

We’re dealing with a lot this year. Stress is high for vast numbers of people, the world over. Many legitimate irl reasons. Add to that what feels like (to me, recently returned), a void from the devs (who once were a very responsive part of this community in an iteration before these current forums) and I wonder if resentment is building up. And I wonder how it has affected the game itself.

This is not a troll post and I hope it won’t be viewed as such. If anything, I hope it might lead to some self-reflection and perhaps a renewed desire to interact in a more positive way with your fellow capsuleers. I’m sure that’s asking a lot and I can imagine some of the responses. Some of you may argue it’s always been this way, but it feels more personal, more ugly somehow.

And do we really need more toxicity? I’d argue we need a reminder that we’re here because we love this game, despite our own personal complaints about this or that, and at the end of the day, that’s what makes this community special. And it is special, and you know it is special. We all know it is.

I know, some awfully flowery words. Puke!! Just remember, one way or another, this is one of the most difficult years any of us have ever experienced and the stress and disruption it has caused in our daily lives is most certainly adding an ever-increasing undercurrent of even shorter fuses. Everything from months of isolation to lost jobs and homes and even hunger for many are far more widespread than we tend to think about. It’s bad out there.

Let’s try to be a little more generous to one another here. We can shoot each other in the game to let off that excess steam. My thoughts, for whatever they’re worth. (And yes, it’s not necessarily easy to click post on this, but thank you for listening.)



It’s not.


Seems like pretty much every game community with player interaction that I’ve seen!

If you’d like to see a game community with less conflicting opinions, find a community for game where people play individually, like a solo game (skyrim, witcher) or where everyone grinds individually (warframe). Those communities have much less conflict, as pretty much everyone agrees with eachother!

EVE is different, people have different playstyles and those often conflict with each other, so people aren’t likely to agree. Every change will impact some people in a negative way and they’ll voice it.

That said, the EVE community seems nice and lively for the type of game it is.


Yes, yes. HTFU! EVE is not for you!

I’m not talking about any of that. Disagreement is a chasm of difference from what I’m expressing and seeing here. I’m not going to point them all out but there are tons of examples where the rules are clearly being broken, where people are saying absolutely nasty things about one another. That’s not supposed to happen here. And I’m not sure it’s a great look at a time when you might be seeing an increase in new people.

But hey, people will get something out of this or they won’t. No hard feelings, and not even judgment. Just a reminder that someone looking at this from the outside thinks something awful has infected this place and he wonders what the hell it is and if people care enough to do anything about it. v0v

(It certainly doesn’t look like it, such as it is.)

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Are you looking at older posts? Because about a month ago they did a massive crackdown on forum violations. A bunch of people got banned and some other people got stern warnings. In the last month the dialog has been a lot cleaner.

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Thank you. Maybe that’s it! I’ve been doing a ton of reading. I’ve been away a few years and I’ve a lot to catch up on.

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Welcome back!

Apparently, its chaos time.

Feels more like

Chico Time

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Thank you. I appreicate that.

I think it’s a rough time for most of us. A lot of suffering. It builds up. More than anything, that was my impetus for posting this. It’s easy to forget, but I hope we don’t get numb to it.

(I love that some characters have masks and I’m absolutely jealous about this and have to figure out if I can get one, lol…)

Edit: Ah, something tells me maybe that’s a Project Discovery reward…

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They are a PD reward. They are easy to get, like level 1 or something. I’m sure you can buy them from the market, too.

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I was ~terrible~ at the blood slides project they did. I could never seem to get it right, but for something like this, I’m definitely going to try. I hope it has a real world impact. It’s one of the many things that I think makes Eve extremely unique and special, not even just among games either.

Seems that crackdown conveniently overlooked a few posters who are still doing what the OP described. In my opinion that’s due to biased and prejudiced moderation.

Sad thing about all of this, years ago when CCP first announced that CCL members would be forum moderators, a lot of people posted that it was a bad idea, mainly because personal bias and prejudice would influence their interpretation of the forum rules as well as their actions as moderators, thus allowing them to ban players as they see fit.

CCP assured the community that CCL would be closely monitored and they wouldn’t have the power to ban others from the forums. Course that was years ago and over time CCL moderators got more brazen with their actions. That whole situation finally erupted when CCP Aurora recently gave CCL members the power to silence / ban posters from the forums.

I’m sure you remember the Moderation thread. That thread was closed due to various players posting examples of biased and prejudiced moderation active in these forums. Then the crackdown happened shortly afterwards.


Keep in mind that something like less than 4% of a game community uses the forums, in general. I’ve heard less than 2% in many games. Those are the few percent that are looking for attention or ‘to be heard’, in one way or another.

Some of them care deeply about the game, some of them care about things like “quality product” and “rational design”, some of them just have time to kill at work, some of them are people with issues who only feel good about themselves when they’re calling someone else an idiot. Some of them just really need to talk to other people and whatever tone gets them the most replies (even negative ones) they’ll use.

I tend to judge the quality of the ‘game community’ by the local chats and the help chats and the talk channels. In that case, EVE seems rather par for the course - a broad mix of all types but 90% just people going about their business in the game.

As for the forums, if you simply blocked the top 30 or so ‘toxic’ posters, you’d find some fairly reasonable posting left over. That’s not too bad for a game as old and polarized as EVE.


Welcome back! You’re correct, there are a couple of people here who seem incapable of discussing any play style other than their own without resorting to derision and insults. Fortunately, most aren’t like that.

Lots of changes happening now, lots of people are upset, many seem to be adapting and thriving.


Shut up!

Shut up!




So nostalgia got its hooks into you.

There’s been toxicity for many years in-game and on the general forum, biggest difference is in-game you don’t tend to notice it so much. Having said that the general forum does seem to be a bit more civil than it used to be.

My advice to anyone that takes the comments on the general forum to heart, is don’t read it, just play the game.

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Thanks. I needed that.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Wait, wut? I somehow missed that. Who got banned?

Uh. Nicolai, Lucas, Destiny, Naarian, Balos, and a few others. Some of them have come back, so it must have been temporary for them.

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Aww, not Nicolai. He just likes to be… succinct with his feedback :slight_smile:

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