How's the community?

i recently saw @Destiny_Corrupted on here so i know hers was short lived.

I’ve been referred to as someone who’s less than nice. Though I’ve never been banned.

The thing is, ideas come from people. And depending how the idea was formed, the person may be at fault.

On top of that, many people act with hostility when their ideas are criticised.

At the end of the day, we’re adults (or at least teenagers), and we can turn off the internet if we’re feeling sensitive. ISD’s try to let our passion flow in the forums, and like the game, i prefer it when the officials take a hands off approach.


Nostalgia. Every. Damn. Time.
(I haven’t figured out how to quote from mobile yet, if it’s possible.)

My genuine hope it that Eve Echoes brings people to Eve Online. And that they do all the f*ckery they want with Eve Echoes and leave Eve Online alone. Recent news makes one wonder though.

So in other words, you’re only reason for coming back is to make a point, while not making any point?


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Feel better now, friend? Get your dopamine hit?

Reddit and forums are full of people who play the game very little or not at all but are bitter about it and post a lot, mostly very negative stuff.

Myself I’ve always been fond of forums and discussions, but even I am here only rarely. Recently a bit more to get some news and discussions about new features (t-space). But I don’t expect to spend much time here regularly. It’s generally a waste of time.

Over the years I noticed that from reading forums I got the impression that some particular players from well-known corps are quite influential because they had a strong forum presence. Then later I met them in game or even joined their corp and realized they were unremarkable casuals who rarely even logged in. Typical forum warriors.


Not really. I mean, sure … yes … it attracts all different sorts of attention whores and lonely people (there’s many shades of lonelyness)
They just call that differently, for example “I’m a social person”, but that’s all the same either way.

Anyhow …

Happy people rarely comment on the things that make them happy.
Unhappy people very often comment on things that make them unhappy.
An environment filled with unhappy people eventually turns (new) happy people into unhappy people.

That’s why many gaming fora are filled with bitter people. There’s no room for happiness …
… unless you involve moderation attempting keeping up high standards and a paywall …
… at which point irony kicks in and the most useless and stupid bottom feeders will scream “CENSORSHIP”!

The worst attention whores usually define the athmosphere for the rest of them.
The more stupid people post, the less intelligent people wish to stay.
SubReddits are great for observing this phenomenon, but the transitioning from good to ■■■■ is so slow that it’s hard to observe.

Your thread is well meant, but there is no ■■■■■■■ way around the dynamics …
… unless the owners adapt their moderation and, even better, introduce a paywall.

Now …

With all that being said, the atmosphere on the EVE ONLINE forum is A LOT better than it used to be.
Seriously! So much better! Had to adapt to it. It’s quite alright nowadays.

Praise CCP for kicking carebears and farmers into their balls repeatedly until they quit.


forum is to slowly, should be more agressive posting

Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but you make it sound like it’s a bad thing to have more presence at the forums than ingame?

  • signed, a forum warrior
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He basically entered the forums and brazenly labelled most eve gamers immature, rude imbecils.

Reported as troll.

Me and my alliance will be searching for you in game as well.

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Woo! Recognition!

Also, a perfect match wink


I entered the forums in 2009 09 09 and I 100% agree with him. Feel free to hunt me down as well. I specifically created my one man corp so people could dec me to their hearts content.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Well…but in fairness…he’s not that far off… lol


Haha. I’m so scared. Lmfao!

Edit: You should probably not speak for “most” Eve players. I know I wasn’t. Wasn’t it already established in this thread that maybe 2-4% of the player base even comes here, like at all? And that 50% of those are probably not even playing for one reason or another?

I think you let this post get under your skin in a way it wasn’t intended. I think that should make you contemplate why. There’s wisdom in self-reflection. Maybe you’re one of the “bad apples” here and that’s why it bothered you?

Also, good luck finding me in the game since this is not a character I play. If I cared enough, I’d go looking for you, but that’s the kind of juvenile nonsense that I’m always amazed some of the players (1%?) are so easily triggered to do. Say something you don’t like? I’mma get you! Such nonsense. And so incredibly childish.

I mean, we’re talking about a post that wasn’t about you or directed at you. HTFU, dude!

Edit: Yeah, now I understand. These are the people who raise the blood pressure of a place. Sad. So ■■■■■■■ sad.


Hi there, i’m Sexxy (as in my name). As a word of advice, I’m an Eve gamer and I wouldn’t come back on these forums after a long time complaining in the way that you did.

You’re clearly calling out the majority of the players on here, if not all. What makes you so perfect, may I ask?

I can smell condescending when I see it…

Next time, aim at your mom - yes the fat one with her nipples hanging down to her ankles.

:joy::joy::joy: Nice one Vajaijay. Him and his kind aren’t welcome here!

Ungrateful trolls dressed up in sheep’s clothing: they take part in one of the greatest mmo’s and then attack the community for no reason.

Now that’ very R U D E

Oh, my mom says it, it’s a nice one, but if I do, it’s rude. I see how you are, Dad.

PS - I’ve been playing Eve for so long I couldn’t fit more than 314 days of training on my skill queue. Maybe I am a little condescending. I can admit to having faults. But it was said with good intention. Can you say the same?