This forum is brutal

Hello. I just want to point out a few things as a new player.
First. The game is fun. I really like it. It’s complicated and all ( sometimes needlessly complicated ) but it’s ok. I like it anyway. It’s my first space MMO. I may try another one just to compare but I’d like to stick with EVE.

Second. This forum. My God. You all are brutal in your arguments with each other. I’m not used to online forum ( never owned a computer before and never had a real good phone ) so maybe all the forum are like this one but by God you all are so insulting to each other. Sometimes I think it’s roleplay but so many posts make it clear it’s not and there is a section for RolePlay too so it’s not play, it’s genuine dislike bordering on hate.

Are you all rivals in the game? That would explain the vitriol. I hope that’s the reason because, dang! You all are just at each other’s throat in these threads.

Third. I just want to say I’m happy to communicate with people from all walks of life and from all over the world ( almost ) and I hope I’ll be learning a lot about how to play EVE.

Fourth. Sorry if this post looks like I’m goody-two-shoes, I’m young and have been sheltered most of my life. I’m not used to reading such outrageous things and, really, I’m not used to internet.

Sending you all hugs and I hope you feel good today.


This problem is not unique to the Eve forum. Real world discourse is similar, even on important issues where it should be possible for us all to find common ground.


I’ve participated in real world discourse. I was on a panel at my high school on Bullying and Student-Teachers relations. I was also on a panel for the city council on Ethnic Issues and Women’s Issues. My dad is a spokesperson for a big company ( sorry, I’m not at liberty to say more ) and I’ve attended a few of his conferences. None of those experiences were as brutal to the senses as this forum.
I want to be clear. I’m not judging. I’m only surprised that adults find it this normal to interact with each other on such an aggressive level.
I know that I’m young and have still to experience many things but what I read on this forum… I wouldn’t show my 16yo brother.
Anyway. Thanks for replying, Xeux.


Everyone has their reasons for joining the game, what they like to do in the game, and how they want to see the game in the future. As the game is designed around players competing with each other, this can lead to opposing views. Often a proposed change will buff one play style while nerfing another. Neither side wants to give something and both sides are hoping CCP will hear their voice more than the other.

The opposing side must be the enemy, evil trash that must be stamped out so that the wonderful utopia future vision of Eve can flourish.

Another catnip OP for the forum kittens to go berserk over.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Thank you for your post. I understand that players have strong feelings on what ought to be in the game and what should not be nerfed or boosted. I don’t know much about the game yet to fall on either side but I’m sure that CCP have their plan for the long run, whether we agree with it of not is pointless, isn’t it? Even if sometimes CCP may seem to favor one group of players over another, don’t you think that they will do what’s best for their revenue stream over what some players may feel or think?
Do you think the vitriol and insults are necessary?
More importantly, do you think it’s the way adults should behave?


the forum is harder than the game
i think there is many people in several different areas of EVE and because of that there is a lot of interest conflict
is very uncommon to have some agreement here
take it like a big joke and have some fun
you said is not the place to roleplay but most of the people here are kinda roleplaying
to be clear , you are hearing voices that are 50% real life people and 50% eve space people , the borders between one and the other blends

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Their revenue stream is the players so what players think is important.

The problem is that Eve got many players because it isn’t like other games but at the same time they see the $$$ that other games might be making.

If Eve becomes just like everything else why bother playing Eve, just another clone? But then again some players want Eve to be just another clone.

People tend to be far less civil in all online spaces than they do in person. Don’t let it get to you though. Some people are just assholes, others might be having a bad day, others might not realize how aggressive their post is coming across, and sometimes, there are just straight up miscommunication errors (I used to call people “dog” until someone got really upset about it. I didn’t even realize someone would take offense because it’s rarely used as an insult here in the states, and more often used much in the same way one would use the word “dude” or “bro”).



BS. Got any evidence of this or are you just talking out your carebear ass again?

Fallacy. Appealing to nature.

Also similar does not mean the same thing as “the same”:

1. resembling without being identical.

That’s just your opinion. Who the hell are you to decide what issue is important or not? Don’t try to speak for everyone else, thanks.

Another fallacy. You’re trying to make it seem that finding a middle ground is a better solution than determining who is wrong and who is right, which is objectively the better thing to do when one party (i.e. yours) obviously has no idea what they’re talking about.


I thought so at first but from what I read I’m pretty sure most aren’t Role-playing unless it’s posted in the lore and fiction section.

Also, I don’t see how someone can have fun by insulting another on his IQ, his gender, his intentions or veracity of statements.


Hey, don’t knock it 'til you’ve tried it, mang.

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Go to hell Destiny! Choke on a chicken bone and die!


take a look at the forum with a anthropologic view
observe 2 eve chicks in the wild
ms @Xeux and ms @Destiny_Corrupted are mortal enemies
its the breeding season coming


omg, you all are going to get this thread locked.
I guess that would illustrate my O.P, lol.


These forums could do with a bit of Nia Hill from time to time.

I guess this was the goal.

Also not mentioned but some people just lack the ability to discuss. They believe forums are here for propaganda and ego stroking; actually they believe that it’s all there is in discussion.

Dunno, is “■■■■■” not an insult anymore ? A ■■■■■ is a female dog.

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Bro you wanna come to the Jersey Shore and say that to my face?

I much prefer online settings, tyvm.

We are adults with the ability to block people we don’t want to talk to.

Let people put their feels into their posts if they like.