If Eve Online stresses you this much, i highly suggest you back away and don’t play because this game is the most fun ive ever had gaming in an MMO

Can you explain the backstory? I don’t under anything about this and I can’t find any harassment on this forum, was it ingame?

Isn‘t it a bit early for 1st of April jokes?

I am sorry for the original post. My condolences to anyone reading it.

am sorry for the original post. My condolences to anyone reading it.

What post? Are you drunk? Am I? Are we in the matrix?

Okay, thank you for showing generous support. I will NOT be leaving EVE online. :kissing_heart:

Hi peeps


He had another thread going on this forum. His videos were lag infested and I mean “dial up” speed videos, he also used Pornographic images in his starting screen for each video (breaking forum tos) which I then reported. he has made multiple threads since, each one he has in some way verbally abused me or simply directly attacked me.

I have done nothing to him at all except remind him of the forum TOS, told him to calm down, stop being so rude to everyone, he also stated that playing 4 hours of Eve Online a day gave him mental health issues and emotional stress. I simply stated that if this was the case, maybe Eve Online was not the game for him.

His threads have been constantly moderated by ISD for breaking forums TOS.

I will also be reporting this thread for a direct attack on myself.

It’s rather sad he feels the need to put such a thread up on christmas day.

Take care of yourself buddy, I hope you find peace one day.

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