What disgusts you?

What is disgusting you in Eve right now? Scarcity? In-game ads? Scamming? It can be anything players, CCP, or anyone else is doing. Please elaborate on your points.


The poors.


The snowflakes.


“The weak are the most treacherous of us all. They come to the strong and drain them. They are bottomless. They are insatiable. They are always parched and always bitter. They are everyone’s concern and like vampires they suck our life’s blood.” -Betty Davis


nothing disgusts me in the game. It is fine as it is. I haven’t run into anything that made me feel like quitting.
If anyone is disgusted they can always hit that biomass button and good riddance. Why play a game if any of its facets disgusts you? Is it like crack cocaine or something? Hooked 'til your bank account is bankrupt? If that’s the case, time to go to AA meeting and sober up.


Backstabbers, liars and traitors.


Why do these disgust you, any anecdotes?

Plenty, but I won’t be sharing them here.

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Why not?

The one guy, came into our wh and got noticed. I send my wife to find him. I drop on him and pop him. Before I can chat him up, ha said “lame” in local and well, was sent home via express ride.

That was 2 ppl who saw him, 3 with me all in d-scan of undock and yet were lame for popping a thief.


Why are you so interested? I answered your question about what disgusts me in EVE. My participation in this thread is done and I’m satisfied with my original reply.
I owe you nothing more, if I ever owed you anything.


Shitty troll posts, mostly.


Betty Davis said that??
OH wow, I just lost all respect for her.


CCP bait and switch tactics like buffing marauders then waiting long enough for people to buy them and invest skill points before turning around and nerfing them.

Every single update for almost two years now containing a nerf of some kind.

Not being able to plan for anything long term because there’s a pretty good chance that any content you want to do or any ship you want to fly will just get nerfed by Rattati.


AFK’ers, bots, and alpha players constantly begging for more and more and more…


Lol, this attitude is mostly what disgusts me in eve. Constant defaulting to negativity.


You know you if you have nothing actually constructive to say, don’t don’t say it at all. You are what disgusts me. You are killing this game. You are what is wrong with our society. Bottom feeding scum of the earth. Now please leave this forum you are no longer welcome here, or I can report you for off-topic posting if you would prefer that. Begone!


I’ve got an anecdote - I was inspired to write up some suggestions for easy implementations that would potentially bring new players in, keep current players, or entice older players. I hedged the write up appropriately with multiple caveats of “devs would do this better”/“I don’t know, something like this”/“off the top of my head” - and perhaps some of them, hell, all of them may be in fact bad ideas… but that shouldn’t be the point.

What is so disgusting about this community is the amount of couch monsters that jump on nit-picking responses and shoot down any form of brainstorming with aggressive negativity, derailing the main thrust of the post and spiraling into nonsense.

The goal should be problem solving and productive conversation, not putting each other down. Full stop. Otherwise, it is no surprise how many eve players have no other prospects in life, assuming their generally ■■■■ attitude carries over into the real world. How unfortunate would it be to meet another hardcore eve player in real life (a rarity, at least for me), get excited to discuss or play together, only to discover it was the complete douche-canoe from the forums?


I let my omega run out with no plans of plexing again largely because of my official treatment here on the forum. Sorry, but I am not really allowed to elaborate, and in fact, that is also part of the disgust.

I will tell you though, that a rule of this forum is that only the posting character can be punished for your “bad” posts, and your other two legally allowed characters are not responsible. Apparently I do not get the benefit of this rule.

What can I say, my words are dangerous. My voice, like something out of Dune, can kill, or so some seem to think.

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The real life events are great. 99% of the players are great. These people don’t even play. They just bleat about how they were right to quit.

Just saying. Don’t let the few clownshoes get you down.


:joy: Sure, daddy.