What disgusts you?

Happy to disappoint you :hugs:

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Bitter vets who can’t stop complaining and who try to ruin other people’s fun.

Edit: This post was flagged for spam, and reviewed and hidden by an ISD. It is clearly not spam. It is not promoting any goods, services, scam, or content. And it is most certainly relevant to the topic at hand. In fact, it is the single most upvoted post in the thread. So, the “community” most certainly does not feel that this is spam.

More to the point, this is my honest answer to the OP’s question. I do get frustrated at the bitter vets that put a negative spin on everything. And I am disgusted by those that either intentionally, or unintentionally, sabotage the game by poisoning the morale of newbros, and teaching them that they should also respond to change and adversity by complaining.

Finally, I would like to reiterate, that memes are exceptionally good at conveying complex ideas/emotions clearly and concisely. Ever hear the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, a meme is worth a thousand words. Moreover, they are attention getting when compared to all the other writing, and people generally find them humorous/clever/fun. So, I don’t just use them for jokes, or to be cute. I use them because they help me to 1) clearly and concisely convey my thoughts/arguments and 2) help my arguments reach as many people as possible (whether it be on the forums, or in my videos).


If only there was something CCP could do to alleviate that. Oh wait, there is … more communication and actually talking about hard facts and figures and not just incessantly telling people that “We [Rattati] have a plan” and “Trust us”.

What disgusts me the most right now are people who keep insisting on that CCP should be allowed to get away with this attitude. And equally I am disgusted by people who keep telling me that I am too negative and toxic and criticize CCP too much when they keep failing to point out anything really positive from CCP.

Take this AT announcement as another example for this ridiculousness. CCP keeps hinting at more major changes for industry, PVE, keeps baiting us with plans to change missions, PVE, ships and so on. And then you see a announcement countdown on YT with ships in free space (or a mission, considering how much people like to use Marauders in missions) and think “Nice, they finally give us new info on that project or this long hinted at plan”. And then … you get told that they bring back the AT. And you think to yourself: “YES! YES! This is exactly what I needed right now!” … And in addition they have the audacity to say that they will reuse old AT ships as prizes to not strain developer resources, while the entire AT stuff will already strain developer resources that are already beyond scarce in a phase of self-inflicted major turmoil and change. And I think to myself… “I want these drugs. These hallucinations or visions or mindtrips are amazing!”


lol, sign me up…

Not for the AT match but for those drugs… they sound really good…

I like turtles.


Pizza Hut downunder are currently offering Mutagen sauce topping.

ie; Mutagen Hawaiian
Michelangelo’s Pizzanality, a tropical Hawaiian covered in Mutagen Ranch.

What disgusts you? Ranch on Pizza,


Forum warriors. Every single one of them.


When someone says “trust me” I run the other way.

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Rattati gave too much information. Should have run the plan without announcement and let the bright folk figure out what was going on and profit from it without all the ignoramus noise.
EVE gives too much info an too many subjects; ship fittings in kill reports for example.

To answer op question: The whine of entitlement disgusts me.

If you can not trust the Game’s Masters then piss off before I stab you with words. Remaining to pollute the community vibe is consent to an interjection of alt therapy.

Instanced PVE. Abyssal dungeons has no place in a open world sandbox game


I guess you’re one of those weak individuals she was referring too. That statement is so true


so called pvp that involves a combat pilot following the agency info to go kill a miner in an ice belt. maybe what we really need is a place in the agency to say, i am a combat pilot, come fight me. along with a set destination button like the ESS .

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Why not?

Wrong guess buddy.
I’m a strong individual. “Strong as an ox” to quote a co-worker. But I’m the type of person who helps the weak, I don’t sh!t on them like you do because I actually have a heart whereas you have a stone where your heart should be… like Betty Davis as I found out.

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CCP not fixing the game but making an AT and thinking they can use their eve partners to hype it up a little.

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Ingame advertisements for plex the moment a new player loses their first ship.

I have nothing against CCP making money, but there is a time and place for everything.


Skill Injectors

Obvious reasons


blaster’s short optimal…

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What are those reasons?

Void :o