Saw the most disgusting thing today

Today I was flying around in my Hecate looking for MTU’s to blow up when I saw the most disgusting thing. 7 Botting marauders.

How could they. I had to do something about it. Why must these people bot. Why do they play like this. Why do they use Packrat mobile tractor units?

One thing for sure is that I wish I had the ability to destroy these filth. Though I was able to kill their mtu right infront of the marauder so yay I guess. Good to know that bots aren’t smart enough to shoot back.


Doing god’s work.

Also seeing the amount of people that afk Is making me decide to swap my mission running ships with an Americans McDonald supply worth of catalyst

Did you at least reported them?

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did you look in the mirror? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well the problem is the mirrors are already broken. Unfortunately

:red_circle: Why didn’t you shoot them? A Talos can work miracles against botters. Ask CODE.

Honestly I don’t know the calculations at all. In a 0.7 space I’m not too sure if I could of done it alone. Plus I was far away from a Talos at that point hah

Weak and feeble excuses :stuck_out_tongue: , did you report them?

:red_circle: Aww, well, put some more effort into punishing these bots. They don’t care about their MTUs, they just get a new one. Could it be that you are actually allowing them to exist just so that you can farm their MTUs?

Naw. First time I saw them honestly. But I’d love to be taught how many you need to kill a certain ship type

However if I find out I’ll definitely try with more than just a Hecate next time :wink:

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