This... thing isn't for me

It’s not a game, it’s a huge waste of time where some players are having fun cheating while the others waste their time trying to have fun that is stale while standing in for content.
The game is constantly changed to ensure max profit but not max fun. The economy is manipulated. The game is manipulated to make it like another career. It’s excruciatingly boring. Jump jump jump jump… missions are sh!t with sh!t rewards. Mining is sh!t-boring, PI is manipulated so that new players cannot do it efficiently for months and months, another waste of time.
PvP only facilitates destruction and is no fun whatsoever.
There’s more but I have dinner on the stove and in the oven.
I play a game to have fun, I don’t play a game to be content for others.


So…What did you lose?


He ended up in a SiCo corp, where newbies go to get misinformed and taught to suck.


They call this type of game an “MMO” - your complaints can applied to pretty much all of them.


Considering how much damage to player retention is done by SiCo, I don’t understand why CCP doesn’t just disband the whole thing by force.


Two dinners? Is that just in case one of them turns out sh!t?


What, you never had meat in the oven and vegies cooking on the burners or you simply just don’t ever cook?
Also, you have no idea if OP is a Millennial or if he’s 60yo.
By assuming you’re making an ass of yourself.


Ok m8

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Because they were busy with disbanding the one brings %80 retention . They say they don’t interfere gameplay .


According to OP’s profile, they’re a “51y/o on disability.”

Now, I absolutely don’t judge anyone for their real-life attributes or circumstances, but pretty much everyone I’ve met who falls into this sort of demographic has been a miner or mission-runner. There’s just something about this (ostensibly PvP-focused) game that attracts the “lots of time on my hands” crowd for low-end PvE grinding.


Well… another happy customer


My goodness OP sounds really depressed… Bless Him Hope he gets some help. There are alot of reasons I play EVE honestly the biggest reason is I get to Plex and not pay CCP $$$ out of my own wallet to have fun.

I can’t remember any other game with this kind of payment model. It’s great!

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bYE crybaby


Maybe and maybe not. We’ll never know exactly what activity OP got into the game for but it seems that he didn’t like any of it.
Looks more to me like the entire game wasn’t what OP expected.

What strikes me most is this:

In light of the bots and multibox issues, I’d say OP is not far off base.


… why post this at all? Not every game is for everyone


Well, at least you’re living up to your handle…

–Gadget could use your stuff

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I’m 51. I pvp


Did they really say that? :sweat_smile:
Are they a bunch of politicians over at CCP?
I wonder how many players actually believe that.

Well, are you also on disability? Unless you’re living that life where you can game all day, you probably don’t have enough time to both PvP and grind rocks and rats.

I’m just saying that older folks with a lot of time tend to lean toward carebear stuff, in my experience.

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I have nothing BUT time and spend most of that gaming and on a form of disability so I guess that fits as well.

In eve I’d say I PvP 40% of the time on average, depending on mood. The rest is a combination of pve, chilling and chatting.