This... thing isn't for me

It makes sense. But what’s wrong with people wanting to play a game the way they want to? Especially a game that boasts itself as an open-world?

The more I read this forum and the more I feel like a certain portion of the community wants people to play one way - as they’re told - or they’re called unsavory names.

Is EVE an open-world game ‘yes’ or ‘no’ ? If it’s an open-world game then players have no business tagging others with unsavory names for playing the way they want to and when that’s happening it’s called bullying.

And yes, I know about “what’s good for the game” and yaddy-yadda but players do not sign up to do good by the game, they sign up to PLAY so either the game stands on its own two feet or shut the servers down already.


Not so much open . As ccp manipulates gameplay all the time to drive ppl away or into Gameplays , claiming it’s “balance”


CCP doesn’t click for you. CCP doesn’t sub for you. CCP doesn’t make you do anything. Simply because an activty gets its profit reduced should not affect gameplay. If it’s fun, then do it. If it’s not, then all the money in the world will not achieve your satisfaction from the task.


I figured that much and that’s one thing OP mentions in his goodbye post:

so, not as open-world as CCP wants people to believe.

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No, bit drive away your interest in some activities as they get nerfed to hell, OR are made a second job to be efficient at it when it was fun before. Aka Indy changes , i don’t care if they nerf industry income, as long its not boring to hell now to build a heck t1 battleship. Why not just change minerals req? Or add new mats ok, but that don’t make me travel low, null, HS,WH All to get the mats?

I would simply argue those activties were boring to begin with. More iskies makes it more “worth” doing, but indy was never “fun.” I always thought the social aspects of group mining combined with the market minigame were the fun parts of indy, not the rewards in isk value.

But that’s just me-- I abhor indy in this game and simply play the market and enjoy free roaming PvE in scary space.

Instead of inflating isk for indy players, I would like to see some changes to indy, period-- cough cough, T2 production. But y’know-- pipe dreams.

Did I say that there’s anything wrong with anything?

Boring for you, many ppl enjoyed them, including me

While there is multibox , social interaction will be a stalemate as it is, nerfing rewards for an activity or making it way more complex and time consuming without better rewards won’t make ppl do it , on the opposite will make ppl do other stuff and only hardcore ppl will keep doing them

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Yes you did and do in almost everyone of your posts.

You call players “carebears” and “grindbears” and other unsavory words.
‘carebear’ wtf do you mean by that if it’s not to put them down for their gameplay?
‘grindbears’ and on and on… Just because they don’t play as you want them to doesn’t mean you have the right to debase them and insinuate nasty stuff about them.

If EVE is really an open-world game then shut the hell up about carebears and grindbears and all the other invented compound words you bullies come up with to abase players who want to have THEIR kind of fun, not YOUR kind of fun.

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Open world doesn’t somehow imply that there are no rules, limitations or changes.

Also I’m the one using the term grindbear, I’d say. If it pisses you off its probably because there’s truth in it.

:sweat_smile: yeah… go fish.

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I get it. Efficiency and isk-making are what made the activty “fun” and removing the incentive removed your desire to play your favored game style.

Min-maxing efficiency and making the most isk as possible is not fun, to me. I find obsessing over margins to be a stressful way to play a huge sandbox MMO.

I play the market and will buy/sell anything as the prices change. I am never upset by gameplay changes because my gameplay style is fluid enough to adapt to the changes.

I was very uncomfortable when I decided to extract all my indy skills. I was doing T2 production and what-have-you for a while, but realized I was obsessing over the margins of indy and obsessing over selling the damn things. I figured I’d have more fun just selling the stuff-- and I did.

Would I go back to T2 indy if the margins were increased? Hell no. Indy is just not fun to me, especially since T2 production is heavy on the RNG. But I get why it would suck to say goodbye to something that used to bring much profit.

My only point is: money does not buy happiness or satisfying gameplay.


That’s interesting.

You just posted not one but two rants trying to argue with me over something I didn’t even do.

I never said money was the issue. I said the activity is made way complex, boring, and more time consuming. Without any rewards or achievement in exchange. I used to feed a whole lot of BS to ratters alliance wide, it was fun even when the margins where not that good sometimes. The broadcast for productions, ppl asking me to build them, them ordering ton of stuff to me. The now i don’t so that much ( i would say i build 10% of the old times) not cause of margins but b cause it’s BORING AS HELL to get a BS done with the new materials AND way more time consuming

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Welcome to Eve. You have great wisdom. That’s exactly why I quit two and a half years ago and haven’t looked back.

I’m trying to understand. I think I get it. But as a market player, I see the added materials to T1 battleships simply as an isk issue.

If you were one of those players who enjoyed collecting their own mats for their own indy projects, I get that. CCP really seems to want players to join corps for that kind of gameplay. I joined at the beginning of scarcity, so my dreams of fully self-sustaining indy were nixxed at the outset (not going to mine in LowSec as a rookie).

Perhaps my own bias is showing through here. I still see those T1 battleship-and-up indy changes as an issue of isk.

Perhaps it is time to find a new community that will appreciate your efforts? Sounds like you lost your homies that bought your stuff and played with you. Social interaction is the only reason to play this game.

I hope you find somewhere to fit in-- here or elsewhere. That’s what it’s allllll about.

I’m not trying to argue with you, that’s a waste of time.
I’m just saying what I’ve noticed and I notice that a lot of players debase other players just because they want to mine or rat or do anything you elitists don’t like them doing.
EVE isn’t your game, let people play the way they want to without debasing them. The galaxy is big enough and it’s up to CCP to steer their game the way they want to steer it, not to in-game or in-forum bullies.

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Well I admit I’m a dirty carebear risk averse krab all the time and am never shunned for it. Maybe it is due to my certain level of acceptance and self-awareness? And maybe some others need to be taken down a peg?


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That’s three. Three rants trying to argue with me about something I didn’t do, after interjecting into someone else’s conversation.