I No longer see Serpentis ships in d-Scan

Hi, when i started the game a couple of months ago i could see the serpentis belt rats appear in d-scan when they warped in.

since i tried the UNI overview download i no longer can see any in d-scan, they show up on overview general tab, but not in d-scan

tried to find a way to reset d-scan and have not been able to do it
I keep reading that i should look in d-scan to see the possible threats, but if i cannot see the red tagged NPCs …

any help would be appreciated. thanks

I’ve been playing a lot longer than that and never saw rats of any type on Dscan. :roll_eyes:

they used to be there for me
still what is the point to tell us everywhere that we need to d-scan all the time if we cannot see the red tagged ships there?

Are you sure you don’t mean the NPC mining fleets?

Dscanning all the time is to watch for players, not NPCs.

no i am not sure i remember seeing the red triangles appear in d-scan, but might have been players was too new to the game to know the difference then (still not too sure yet :slight_smile:
but if that is the case it could then be that i just have not seen any red tagged players since, bummer lost a ship because i was looking in d-scan and not in overview at the time
I will learn

thanks for the info

Dscan doesn’t show colors. Overview does and even then only when setup for it.

I just checked, you are right no colors
I have no idea where i got into my mind that I had seen the red triangles in the d-scan
crap, now i feel worst for losing my skiff, bummer

A skiff lost to beltrats? Did they point you?

D-Scan is a handy tool to show ships that are not (yet) on grid, but in the same system in a 14,3 AU radius. Rats normally don’t show there, because usually they are not threat and don’t warp away. There can be situations where you might want to find out if there’s already rats on grid.

But returning to the initial question: I’ve got a D-Scan preset “All” which shows literally all. But I can’t remember if it also shows rats (I remember searching for celestials/moons, towers/stations/pocos, tower modules, and wrecks additionally to ships and MTUs/containers).

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If they were diamond rats and he has low standing to Serpentis then the answer to both is “yes”. I’ve had run-ins with Blood Raider diamond rats and they are aggressively nasty and their response is in proportion to the threat you represent.

And if you have very low standing then the diamond miner in a belt will call them in onto you. They play rough.

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According to the EVE uni page about D-scanning, the only NPCs you can show on d-scan are ‘diamond rats’, which are a special type of NPC that are stronger and smarter than others and have a diamond in their name.

So maybe the Serpentis ships you saw on d-scan were diamond rats?

Also, d-scan can use a filter just like your overview to choose what types of structures, drones, ships and celestials it will show to you. It also is possible you switched filters if you now cannot see what you could see before.

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yes the area i was in Vay, has serpentis belt rats, this time was gurutas and they were mining, i had never seen this before, they came towards me and i sent my drones to kill them, soon after i got a bunch of gurutas coming on top of me and i cold not warp out, they killed my skiff.
I learned later that these gurutas are diamond type rats that are taking over the area.
I did go back to kill them in a BC and killed 4 before the run away, while i was salvagind 17 gurutas cruisers popped up were i previously was and gave me time to get out of there.
I moved my stuff 4 jumps away, but I did not see them come in in the d-scan at the time, i have learned since to monitor d-scan and overview
Live and learn i guess, this game has a lot to learn and the 2 months i have been playing are only now scratching the surface of it, but that is good fun (if you dont mind loosing ships to lack of knowledge.

Still it is a fun game and i thank all of you for helping me understand this game mechanics better

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Sounds like there may be a Forward Operating Base (FOB) nearby. There are people thank make a living killing them. Give it a day or so and they’ll “go away”.

I like that there are dynamic threats in Eve. Makes it feel more alive. I also like your response to it: Adapting not whining.

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Thanks for your comment.
It’s a game, Whining seems pointless, after all if I had read more thoroughly i might have avoided the ship loss.
Definitely has made me more careful when approaching a belt (created bookmarks 200km away from each one i visit, so i can check it out before warping into it, so far i have avoided other losses.
hope thread helps others in what to pay attention to, like get back to station if unsavory character shows up in local or avoid belts with a mining ship that have diamond NPCs, although if you get a battle cruiser or battleship killing a few of the buggers is not a bad thing :slight_smile: . just be ready to run when the reinforcements show up, in my case after killing 4 frigates with a BC, i could hardly believe 17 cruisers that showed up in a few minutes

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If there’s an FOB in system, not much you can do other then go else where.

You can go into a belt and be mining happily for a long time then suddenly a diamond attack fleet drops in, scrams you, and you’re toast.

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