Passive Targetter

Can someone explain me how does it work, or why it is not working?

I was trying to scan potentional gank targets on the gate (I usually gank miners or pve’rs so I didn’t need to do it before) so I fitted passive targetter to avoid being detected and compromised. To my suprise some of the targets targetted me back meaning they got the notification about me targetting them.

What I did. Click on passive targetter, click on ship cargo scanner, click on the ship I wanted to scan. Move cursor to “Select Item” menu and cancel targetting asap.

What I am doing wrong? Or does it have a chance to failure? Or does the order of mid slot modules fitted matters? Order which I click modules before targetting the ship?

I think the order should be

Activate Passive Targetter
Lock desired target
Then activate Cargo Scanner

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Activate passive targetter, whilst it is active anything you lock will not be notified.
Cargo scanner shows in space anyway, pretty pointless passive targeting if you’re using it.
Ship scanner has no in space display so far.