PVP: Quicker and More Efficient Targeting

I’ve been slowly getting into PVP and had a question about targeting. I’ve watched several videos but none really seem to get into the nuts and bolts.
I’ve found that you can devote a tab of your overview to PVP and spam ‘Lock Target’ on the space where you expect your target to show up. I guess this gives you the quickest locking time that your skills allow. The downside is that when you spam lock, any primed and/or overheated modules are turned off after the first failed target attempt (Right? Please correct me if I’m wrong).
Is there a quicker or better way to target and prime modules? Should you just wait until the target drops out of warp and you know you are guaranteed a lock attempt?
Would appreciate any tips or clarifications from anyone more experienced.
Thanks o7

If you hover your mouse over the overview, it freezes and new targets entering the grid will appear at the bottom.

Not quite sure, what you mean by first target failed attempt. Do you mean, you lock the wrong target when it get on grid and need to lock something else?

You can activate modules to prime them while a target is getting locked (during the coundown), this might be useful if you expect more targets to enter grid, so you don’t prime your target before they enter grid.

Hope you can use some of this info.

What I mean is that the target is in warp, and you spam ‘Lock Target’. You can’t lock until the target fully drops out of warp, and so your first attempts fall and your primed modules turn off. Should your wait until you’re absolutely sure that your target is out of warp?

Arh, then I prime my modules as above. Meaning, I would spam lock target as they are warping on to grid, enabling me to lock as soon as possible. While it is locking the target and counting down for the lock to be established, I hit my modules to prime them.

Priming your modules in this way, gives you the same effect as priming then hitting lock target.

I select the target, hit lock, then activate modules while the target is being locked. Like you say activating mods then selecting the target can do weird things.

Enable transversal on your overview if you haven’t. You will notice that different class ships as they are warping and landing have ceirtain transversal numbers. It takes some practice to use, but it applies to all ships in the game that are warping in and landing. Once their transversal gets to a certain low you can start locking, no misfires. It will take you a while to get the hang of it but in the long run its very reliable. You won’t have to spam anymore, just 1 click the moment it gets down to the correct number.

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Thanks Fluffy, this is something like I was looking for. Do you have a concrete example for any kind of ship class?

No because it varies a lot, wayyyy too much to keep track of, but its like the proverbial “riding a bicycle”. Because of how many there are etc. you will basically forget every single time, but then immediately remember when you do it. After a while, for me its usually a couple weeks, it becomes second nature, you just glance at it once or twice and you know the timing so that you start right on the dot.

It really does come down to practice. This BTW holds true for all ships in the game, regardless if they are PvP or PvE. Fits do not make a significant difference when it comes to the overall effect and result.

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