Target lock sometimes breaking for no reason

I’ve encountered this many times. I punch into a FW plex with my Thrasher Fleet, target whatever is inside. I press F1-F4 to activate my modules and wait for the target lock to be done, but before it finishes the target lock breaks.
There is no ECM Burst or anything involved in this. It just frequently happens to me. Sounds like a weird connection issue… it’s mostly when I come out of warp, double click in space, lock up the target, activate mwd, scram, web, whatever that sometimes I loose the target.
It looks like the locking attempt will finish but then instead of finishing successfully, it just cancels the target lock and I need to retarget again…

It still shows me that I’m locking the target, but I think it’s just a bug and the target lock gives some invalid return or something so the targeting gets cancelled instead of completed.