Target lock issues

I’ve had a issue that I always thought was just part of eve life. But now playing logi it is killing me.
I have a issue where I lock a target I see the targeting timer start and begin locking. As i’m locking up other target’s the first target’s lock is never finish, just stops like server never got the command. With playing logi especially in Poch where we have 50% targets this leads to others losing ships. These are not ships with session change timer this is in deep combat on players that have been on grid awhile.

That sounds annoying! I haven’t noticed this, but maybe it isn’t a bug:

I think there is a keybind to cancel a lock, is it possible you’re accidentally pressing that combination?

Another option: is it possible that the ships you’re trying to lock but cannot save from dying are actually already dead by the time your locking time finishes? (Possibly late due to lag)

Another option: are you affected by EWAR when this happens? You should see the icons for sensor range damps or ECM above your capacitor, either of those can break locks.

Lastly, are your targets still in range by the time your lock finishes?

(Just trying to get the non-bug explanations out of the way :stuck_out_tongue:)

90 % of the time I can just target them again and start repping so not due to ship loss or out of range.

I have removed the hot keys to unlock target and will see if that helps. It was ctrl+shft maybe I Have been hitting them.

Well that was not it. you can’t unlock a target while it is being targeted. what happens is…
I give command to lock locking timer starts i move on to next target. while targeting the 2nd ship the first target lock is broken never achieve full lock and system act’s like command is never given.

This is something i’ve been dealing with for months and thought it was just internet. I never had this problem till I played logi or maybe never noticed it.

I sometimes go for lock on several things, more then I have capability of targeting, and the biggest ones “win”, the smaller ones just fail off.

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Are you using the watch list to target your allies from?

This can happen when only locking 3-4 targets and not in Poch. I never cared when I was just in standing helping ppl who get attacked. In Poch though it’s a real pain.

This happens when using overview like I did in standing fleets or in Poch were I use watchlist.

I’ve also noticed my laptop is having a harder time running eve. Could this just be my laptop and the server not communicating in time for my command to make the tick so it’s just canceled out? I find it weird because even to unlock a target it has to be targeted. This is more like ECM where you could be targeting something takes 4 sec and at 2.7 sec ECM hit’s you and it cancels the locking timer. Yes i’ve checked not being ECM’ed hehe.

Happens all the time as long as I‘m playing. I think it is related to server and client disagreeing whether a target is already lockable with the decision wrong on the client. Happens regular when landing on grid and trying to lock the next target as fast as possible, while actually you are still in warp deceleration.

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This I do recognise.

You can often start locking ships on your client before it is legal to lock them according to the server. So when you’re trying to lock while you (or targets?) are still decelerating out of warp, you can start the locking process but it will never finish once the server tells you starting the lock at that time was not possible.

@Thuggish_BluntBlowin is it possible that your lock issues happen whenever you have come just out of warp?

If so, I recommend you first give some other commands (align the ship, keep the FC at range, or turn on a module) before you start to lock ships up.

Not sure how viable for a logi pilot but if you have the target in the selected item box it will only have the targeting icon / button active if the item can be targeted thus if it is still in warp or you are still in warp the icon will not be available to click. This way you can check also if the item can be locked before starting to lock them.

(Note: At least if I recall correctly though maybe I confuse it with the warp to button not 100% sure.)

I‘m rarely flying logi these days, but I‘m usually spam cntrl+click on the target as soon as I see it on overview, or at gates, the empty space where the target will appear.

This is in the middle of combat not right after warp in and with friendly’s that have been on grid for awhile.

last situation
in poch been on grid for 10 mins or so, enemy fleet warps in they are on grid engaging us. we lost 2 T1 cruisers just too the alpha. Then I go to lock our link’s, as the lock timer is going, it stops locking half way through, no command as if ship not present, just stops as if command was never given, I go for a 2nd lock only too get a single rep cycle off b4 ship destruction.

This is happening weekly for me some times daily. I don’t die other people do, that’s why i’m trying to figure this out, i feel bad =( .

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