Lock time on Ships Logging in

A lone t1 battlecrusier (which means no remote sensor boosts) basically has no chance of locking onto a frigate that popped out of a gate and hit warp to the next destination. What about a battlecruiser squatting a frigate’s safe logout spot? Is it similar to trying to lock someone as they leave gate cloak, or do you get more time? I’ve noticed when logging out in space and logging back in, once my ship gets back to the logout spot, there is a considerable delay that I feel is longer than normal align time.

It may differ from case to case but…

When you come out of warp from login, most people are spamming warp. Meaning you initiate warp before you actually came to a complete stop. Which normally increases your time to warp vs warping from 0 like you do from a gate.

I think it might feel longer because you might still be in warp when it looks like you shouldn’t be, so your brain thinks that you should be aligning. But server side you haven’t completely stopped the warp yet and and can’t align. I believe that actual along time from being stopped is still identical to that after gate jumping, it just doesn’t FEEL like it.

Whenever you land out of a warp, you can’t be targeted for 10s unless you take an action.

So upon logging in you don’t spam the warp hotkey. You’re giving up your “cannot be targeted” protection for a (potentially) longer alignment time than shown on the fitting window. You allow your ship to exit warp and come to a standstill. Then you press warp which will take the time shown on the fitting window to align and be off, minimizing the target vulnerability time.

Note that despite being untargetable, you can still get bubbled and smartbombed during the 10s period.

I see. We were trying to catch a navy cruiser and needed something with enough firepower to kill it. However someone pointed out there were actually multiple t1 frigates logged out in more or less the same spot. Over an 8 day period, 3 of them just cloaked, seemed to disappear for an hour, and then decloak an hour later and warp off. Also… I think I learned 3 people camping a safe just doesn’t cut it, you need more shifts to get rid of boredom.

t1 battlecruisers have around 8s lock time on frigates so I don’t think you are going to lock a frigate regardless unless they really screw up.

Eh, not the end of the world. I knew you can’t catch frigates that break gate cloak to align and warp off., being able to get them on this safe would just be a bonus. The Omen Navy Issue is going to login sometime and it will be caught.

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