Why can't I cloak even Covert Ops before I'm "being targeted"?

I keep failing to cloak and I can’t understand how this mechanic favors the interceptor every time. I click warp and then cloak a split-second later but it fails so often. They aren’t even Hecates, just stilettos. I get it, the server goes second by second, but how is warp+cloak not translated faster than someone clicking their own mouse on you?

Does the server force your cloak command to wait a full second?

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it’s down to whose command hits the server first which determines whether or not you’re successful in cloaking before being locked. Nothing more complicated than that. Even instalocking takes a full second to resolve, yes the same as cloaking (which as far as I can tell takes two ticks to engage). Highroll the D6 and low latency are your friends.

They are not wrong, since the patch this week I know of at least two travel fit interceptors getting killed off gates, one of which I am told was locked almost instantly after hitting warp.

Something dodgy is going on.


Since the servers have to go through everything second by second, I have no idea what this “something dodgy” is supposed to be. Are you suggesting the gate campers use time magic to compress time? Or hacking into CCP to force their servers to process their own clicks faster?

What exactly is this “dodgy” thing going on here?

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You have to be swift to get the command to cloak in immediately after initiating your first navigation command. You do it right you won’t be lockable, do it wrong and tap cloak again, it will issue a decloak instead.

At 4.5k scanres, you lock a pod in .6 seconds and another ceptor in .5, add in the ping until it’s shown, clicked and sent, this requires a fair bit of luck by the sound of it still.

The problem, in my interpretation, is that there is no tick clock for one to watch. There is no such thing as “doing it right”. You can happen to click the instant the server ticks, reducing the variable to your own latency, but because it’s impossible to predict where the server is on the clock, you are just as likely to attempt to cloak too early, which is even worse.

In a nutshell, it appears that as long as both players are sub-second on their reaction time, it is 100% luck based.

On that note, if one were to hack the EVE client or come up with a 3rd party app that could figure out where the ticks are occurring based on information coming from the server (ping dependent) and display it in a clock like graphic, one could wait until the end of the tick to align and allow for a very rapid cloak command. Basically if the camper is spamming the mouse after gate flash, he is nine times as likely to with the race because he sees the victim at exactly the right time, but the victim has no clue when he actually de-cloaks. I promise you it’s always happening before that fizzly animation you see on your own ship.


You misunderstand, you got locked because you made a mistake, not because of chance. We’re all using covops ships, and we all eventually learn to keep our fingers put past the first cloak toggle when breaking jump cloak.
Just give it some time, the rythm will come naturally and eventually you won’t do the same mistake again.

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i fully agree with Lloyd. I use cov ops every day and did not get any problem these last days

I don’t know if there’s any dodgy stuff going on server side. But you should be able to decrease your chances of this happening by putting your cloak in the F1 slot of your hud. Hit warp, then F1.

Also, hotkeys are your friends.

The way you activate module and the game reacts to activation is unreliable! When are you able to cloak after hitting warp and before someone targets is a moment that is being really hard to catch sometimes.


The moment you receive the information that your ship started aligning is tick+ping. The server starts aligning your ship only at the beginning of a tick, and everybody received this information on grid after their ping. Basically the lowest between your ping×2+your reaction time and the ultralocker target time+ping×2 +reaction time wins the game : after locker_ping his client receives your aligning, after reaction_time +locker_ping he clicked on you (since he has only you visible he just spammed click on overview with point preactivated), after reaction_time+locker_ping×2 the server receives the request to lock, after lock_time more you are locked and can’t cloak, and on next tick he will receive that you are locked and he points.

IMO the issue is that it’s the same key for activating and deactivating a module. There should be something like simple push to activate it on the target, or change target on next cycle if already activated, and double push to stop the module - be it propmod, siege, gun, probe launcher, RR.


A minor timing tip.

If you reappear after session change,
initiate Warp and hit F1 at “Waa” from “Waarp Active”

Sure, you won’t run into conflict with the gate cloak, but using that practice you will never escape interceptors. The audio is over a second late, even after your ship starts turning and fizzling.


I have found that timing when my crane starts aligning for a jump and popping the button has helped a lot. I have traversed back and forth doing milk runs past gank groups in low sec this way. (click jump - cloak right as the boat turns to align)

I have only lost 1 ship - when i pushed my cloak button too quickly and it didnt stick (pressed before the ship started aligning.

I actually practiced the timing after the ship loss ( and plenty of isk gone) Ill give credit to the ship that tackles me now.

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