Since when is 2.01 align not enough?

I just got caught in gatecamp with a 2.01 sec align. I did not afked, I did not mess up, I pressed jump to next gate as normal.

I had over 1 year break from eve. I was flying this fit before and I was flying through lowsec and gatecamps a lot and never been caught with this. I was caught by Phobos, my ship had 78 sig.

What changed? Is 2sec align not enough anymore? If so what number should I aim for?

That’s 3 second align time bud… any one with a one tick lock can catch you

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Since I noticed this thread, I’ll have another question-for instawarp, you need to have under 2s, or is 2.00s working too?

Targeting time

How long it takes for you to lock a target depends on the signature radius of the ship you’re targeting, and on your own ship’s scan resolution . To calculate the locking time (in seconds):


X (in mm) Scan resolution of your ship
Y (in m) Signature radius of the target

In theory a sensor boosted/signal amped interceptor can lock a frigate in under one second.

If Lock Time + Network Latency + Reaction Time <1s, you can (with a primed module) point a target at the 2nd Tick. Effectively, this means you could point any ship that has an align time >=1s

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For gate camps better to use stabs. usually they have only 1 guy scrambling

It is always interdictor nowadays. So stabs won’t work.

Y mean bubbles?

warp scramble strenght 100

Ah indeed

2,01 or 3,00 is the same thing in your case. You must align under 2,00 seconds top or less than 1,99 to be safe. For same fit get an +1% or better agility implant if don’t have one plugged in already.

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Is it possible I had this implant before. Either way this is something I don’t remember. Can you elaborate as of why is it a same?

You need to bring your nominal align time below 2s (not 2.00, it must be below), whatever means it takes. EvE works in 1s “ticks”, so 2.01s essentially is rounded up to 3s. Because of the ticks it is also extremely difficult to lock/point somebody who warps out in the 2nd tick (you often see a yellow box, but no point activation), as explained above. But it’s business as usual to lock/point in third tick.


Maybe in other terms, the time resolution of the New Eden simulation is 1s. The instawarp makes use of it. BTW, the time resolution of our own universe simulation is the planck time. :wink:

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