Question about Safe Log - Target Lock

Was Reading this, and noticed the bit about target lock

Target locks are active (both being locked and having a lock on someone else)
You cannot be targeted while “safe logging”.

so, does this mean if you start the safe log off before they start targeting you, they can’t lock you
but if they have a lock you can’t safe log? even if you not aggressed?


You are at risk during the 30 second safe logoff countdown.

ok…so how do you get away from a bump then =/

if all it takes is them locking you to end safe logoff…how do you escape a non stop bump?

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I used to fly freighters for Red Frog and ransom bumpers were fairly active at the time. When bumped:

  • stop your ship
  • set the camera to look forward along the spine of your ship - look for something you can warp to within 15 degrees of your bow.
  • If you find something, - right click, warp. The bump will have you going at full speed so you can insta-warp and, in my experience, it doesn’t matter what direction you were bumped - if you warp to something within 15 degrees of your bow - you’re gone. I was always able to warp within 2 or 3 bumps and that was before citadels. With the amount of space junk in a system today it probably won’t take that long.

tried that, but my orca was being bumped to move at 1400m/s

and it kept trying to slow to warp

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In my experience. you don’t need to slow to warp . You do need to stop your ship so that, whatever it was doing, it is prepared for a new warp command and you need to pick a destination that’s already in front of you so you don’t need to align. The ship should insta-warp if it’s moving faster than 75% of top speed…


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