Mining Blitz - NPC Aggro - Focused on one player

Just thought I would mention a curious thing that I’ve noticed when doing the mining blitz event.

I have 4 toons that I multibox and have done about 30 runs so far, from limited to Major with these same toons.

Curious Part…
In every instance this character “Dashing” gets targeted by the NPC group to the point where I’ve had to over tank him in his Prospect with Dual Armor reps and still gets into Hull every time on Standard and Major sites. When I shield tanked him, he had to warp out.

No other character has even lost their shields in any run.

NPC’s have it out for this guy. It’s comical now.

I was experiencing something similar. All my fits were the same, I then changed the fits, still identical though and they started focusing a different character every time.

Very odd. Haven’t made any effort to test out what might be driving it. I thought it might be something to do with targeting the one with the highest EHP, but that wasn’t it.

I’ve found it impossible to do in a venture because of the incredible lock breaking rats.

It happens when you are the only one in there, you target, lock, fire with drone, then suddenly you are no longer targeting the rat and drone returns.

Problem is that it’s still firing on you and you can’t get rid of the tiny thing, let alone two of them, without bailing out.

The sites vary from race to race, for example in Amarr they don’t jam. But I understand in Gallente space they web and in Caldari they jam.

This is in Amarr space and it’s just completely random loss of lock, rather than them jamming you. It’s most likely linked in with the issues with drones not auto aggressing.

e: it’s tracking disruption in the amarr sites isn’t it?

Yeah, I think it’s tracking disruption. I’ve not paid too much attention to it if I’m honest.

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