Prime Guns and TP when locking

If I activate both my guns and a target painter when still locking the target, will the target painter benefits my first volley? Do I have to activate them in a special order?

yes. no.

kinetic weapons such as projectile, hybrid or missiles all have delays in application. Lasers don’t. They apply the instant they’re fired. You see it most in missiles which have a long travel time, depending on bonuses and range. You can initiate warp after someone has fired a missile at you and not take any damage.

Yes, target painters benefit the first volley. It also doesn’t matter in which order you pre-lock the modules.
I’ve petitioned it years ago and the GM confirmed it.


You’re not actually answering his question, silly.

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I don’t think there is a delay on hybrid and projectile weapons.


I was about to say that too… Hybrid guns or Projectiles or lazers don’t have a delay. Just missiles

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Pretty sure artillery have a delay. You can see the shots flying through space.

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That is only the animation. If you study your PvE carefully, you see the damage notification far before the arty actually lands. This is one reason that the Arty RFF is so strong.


Missiles are the only weapon systems in the game that have a delayed time to apply damage.

All other weapon platforms (Projectile, Hybrid, Energy, Smartbomb (including the Point Defense System on Structures), Dumb Bomb, Precursor and Vorton Projectors, and yes, even Drones(excluding their flight time)) apply their damage instantly.

To answer the OP’s question, the actual answer depends on whether your TP applied before the guns. If your TP hits first, then the enhanced signature radius of the target is factored in when the gun’s damage calculation is performed. If your guns cycle first, then the TP is wasted (at least for the first cycle).

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The OP is asking what happens when he’s pre-locking the modules during a running target-lock.
He’s asking if the TP is going to apply even if it hits within the same cycle of the turrets.

The answer is a flat:

Yes, it does.

There is no “turrets cycle first” or “painters cycle first” in his scenario.
They both begin their cycle at the same time (when the target is locked)
and the painter applies its bonus onto the target immediately,
affecting the damage calculation … also immediately.

Well, when I was doing this on NPCs (using an arti Malestrom against battlecruisers, which if I can one shot in most cases without TP), whether I press guns first or TP first actually makes a different. If I press TP first then both will be activated, but if I press guns first TP won’t activate, saying “because target is already destructed”.

Are you pressing the keys before the target is fully locked …
… or after the target is fully locked?


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I’m not an expert on server ticks, but I think targeted modules are disassociated with ticks on the client side, so that if you activate some e-war and weapon modules on a target, your client submits them in whatever order they’re activated in, but the response you get from the server comes back in a single tick.

I’m getting my information from this

So, I’m pretty sure that even though the game reconciles with the server via 1 hz updates, the order in which you do things still matters. Again, I’m not an expert so correct me if I’m wrong.

There’s also this article which seems to suggest the same thing.


This is correct.

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