Missile Mechanic Question

Hey, I’m having trouble finding an answer on this. Will your missiles keep going after you die?

Say for example, you fire a volley, but die before that volley reaches it’s target. Will the missiles keep going and apply their damage, or will they poof out of existence?

I’m pretty sure they poof because they lost guidance.

I would like to know if I fire a missile volley before my target painter cycles, but it cycles in time to activate before the missiles hit, do I still get the tp bonus?

Edit; fof missiles might?

I think they still do, because the server doesn’t process your death instantly. That’s why sometimes in the log you can see “ship is out of control” before another gun volley connects. Also, if I remember correctly, NPC missiles still connect even after the NPCs are dead.

Does flight time factor in at all then? Cruise missiles vs rockets as an example.

I’m think that as long as the TP is on target before the missiles were supposed to hit, you get the bonus. However, I am going to test both of those things tomorrow.

If so, could that be considered inertia as a way to blend rl physics to eve?

The answer to your question is yes .

I remember a fight I had once . I was in an AC Svipul, against a rocket fit Jackdaw . I managed to kill the Jackdaw first , but then one second later I died because of the last volley he managed to fire while still alive. It was hilarious, we both got a solo kill mail .

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That is not correct, see my reply here to Jones.


No they do not.
As soon as you leave grid i.e. interrupt the “connection” by warping or exploding they wont do damage.

Not true by mechanics. This likely happened because the server hasnt “ticked” and thus to the game the jackdaw was still alive.

This is totally false. And I know this from experience.

You are wrong. You dont understand server ping i.e. ticks. See above. Please stop spreading false information based on flawed experience. Best delete your posts causing confusion. No hard feelings.

Again. Once you are no longer registered on the field by any means (entering warp/dying) your missiles that are currently traveling wont do any damage ! This includes warping around on the same grid.

I know from dealing with Guristas at long range, as soon as I pop one who was shooting missiles at me, the missile either disappear entirely or they hit me and deal no damage with no notification. So I believe once a ship firing missiles dies, it’s missiles become useless.

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It is possible that what you’re saying is true , but if this is true , then the experience I had was … an exception of the rule and … something that happens very rarely …

But this is easy to test out , what he can do is get on sisi , have a 0 tank Condor fitted to have like 100 km missile range and an arty Tornado , both at say a distance between 50-70 km . He can fire a missile volley with the Condor , then pop the Condor with the Tornado . That way he can see if the missile volley will do any damage to the Tornado, after the Condor had died.

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When you fire a missile and you explode, the missile doesn’t count.
When you fire a missile at a target and warp, the missile doesn’t count.
When you fire a missile at a target and your target warps, the missile misses.

Try suicide ganking with missiles.

It’s horrible.

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Once you go in warp, your missiles stop existing.

My guess is that something similar will happen when you die, but I’m not sure. I haven’t died often enough in missile ships. :sweat_smile:

For the example earlier in this thread of both players dying from missiles in a 1v1: this is easily possible because of missile travel time and server ticks. Did you both die in the same server tick @Oriki_Ahvilen ?

Missiles and server ticks do strange things, I remember when I first heard about how missile range is calculated as a chance for the missile to continue after a certain amount of ticks to the next tick. :crazy_face:

Yes .

Time: 2017-01-23 22:13

Time: 2017-01-23 22:13

And if

Then , I should have petitioned CCP for that loss …

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Target Painter bonus is tick based. Everything activated from the same tick onwards receives the TP bonus. That means you can activate a TP and Turrets on a target at the same time and receive the effect. That also means that missiles will always receive the TP bonus due to the fact that they’re not hitscanned. HitScanned = InstaHit, compared to Missiles requiring traveltime.

Ganking with missiles is an issue because the GCC timer starts the moment you initiate the offense, not the moment the missiles hit.

If it wasn’t this way, I could start shooting missiles at people and warp off before they hit them, without getting CONCORDed. Equally, when my target warps before getting hit, I would also not be CONCORDed due to the missiles not hitting.

If missiles do hit even after I explode then those pods, when I’ve tried, should have exploded with me.

As everyone only has anecdotal evidence, the best course of action would be a petition.
We would never know for sure and things could have changed.

That’s all I have to offer for this topic.

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No, that’s how missiles work in EVE: they disappear only at a server tick, not in between. So if you and an enemy missile ship both fire missiles at eachother killing the both of you, the missiles only disappear the tick after you died. As you both died at the same time, the missiles correctly didn’t disappear.

Now if you were flying a ship with increased missile velocity and your missiles killed the other ship while their missiles would reach and kill your ship one tick later, I would expect the missiles to (maybe) disappear, or maybe not.

I’m not sure if the missiles disappear after death. But I do know they won’t disappear in between ticks and that if you both died at one tick, it is no info indicating that missiles do or do not disappear after ship death.

I would guess missiles disappear the tick after you died, like they disappear the tick after you get into warp. But I’m not sure.

@Solecist_Project , @Gerard_Amatin

For personal reasons , I cannot link the kill mails here , but my discord username is:

Oriki Ahvilen#0913

I can link them there in private , if there’s doubt about what I described to actually happen.

Actually I can just do this: