Missile question

I have a question about missiles, if I have a torpedo golem and I am shooting at a static target, is the dps the same at 10 km as at, say, 50km? Or due to the issue of the speed of the missile and the fact that it has to travel further, is the application of DPS slower?

Assuming both are in range (speed X max flight time) then the damage is independent of the range to the target.

You are right to note that the damage is delayed by the length of time it takes for the torpedo to reach they target (turret weapons are instant). Once missiles are hitting regularly, then the DPS is the same.

This is a headache when using cruise missiles at very long range where you can have two volleys of missiles in flight to the same target because the fire rate is less than the flight to target time. If the first volley kills the target, the second is wasted.


Be prepared for missile waste. Mentally I know how some NPCs get 1, 2, or 3 shot via fury missiles. Helps save on cycles. If we are talking about PVE here.

I don’t focus too much on missile DPS. It will never compare to kronos blaster for example. It’s that alpha damage is what makes the golem hit like a semi truck.

Generally yes, although you can see ± damage application depending on the size and speed of the target, and whether the target has activated a MWD. This is why missile velocity is more valued over missile range when given a choice.

Thanks guys for the feedback. Generally, sometimes I take out the Phoenix to rat and when I use rage more than once it happens to me that the missiles are bugged and they start orbiting the rat until they disappear. It is very inconsistent the dps of the missiles, only had That doubt because sometimes it gave me the feeling, for example in 10/10 escalations, that if I was closer to the enemy fortress I would get more dps

What’s the velocity of your missiles?

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