Golem fit

So if I didn’t care about torpedo range whatsoever, what’s the best way to just pimp damage short range face tanking anoms?

Thinking this:
Large bay loading accelerator for ROF
Calcefaction rig for 15% damage (both are tech 1 cuz of fit limit)
4x BCU

That’s the obvious stuff, though i’m not 100% those are ideal rigs to max damage. what I don’t know is…what about missile guidance computers? + precision script? It doesn’t give any stated dps, but does this help apply better on cruisers or…not really sure how that whole explosive velocity, radius bla bla matters.
Maybe doubling up on those in the mid slot? I dunno (if I don’t need the multispec for example)…will that be noticeable? There doesn’t seem to be many other options other than officer mods to pimp the dps more.

Just fit polarized launchers which is the current approved fit for marauders. Rest is fine.

because of stacking penalties I think you want to use 1 t2 rig. dunno if a RoF or Damage rig is better these days.

then probably a missile velocity missiles getting to targets faster is always nice, or t1 rigor since I think that fits, application is also nice

Faction BCS, or roll some Unstable mutaplasmids if you’re feeling lucky.
Large Bay Loading Accelerator I and Warhead Calefaction I for rigs.
Pyrolancea booster, TD-60X and RL-100X implants.
3250+ dps with T2 Torpedo Launchers, 4000+ with Polarized.

Yeah can’t do polarized wouldn’t be able to tank the anoms. Thanks. I may roll some mutas for fun. So not much I can do other than what I got already.

No one answered about the tracking computers in the mid slots? Are those helping damage at all, or applicatino against small targets? do precision scripts help? I don’t see any dif in dps when I put them in empty or scripted.

Guidance computers will help application, yes. Script or not.
Target painters are great with torps too.

I have studied and tested Golem damage and application fairly rigorously over the last 6 months to determine whether to trade my Vargur in. I can say that you can right off the bat rule out using Javelin torpedoes because the difference between Rage and Javelin is negligable when it comes to smaller targets;

Using 4x BCU, each ammo provides the following damage curve against a moving target of the indicated size-

I will not demonstrate that target painters, guidance enhancers and comps, and rigs will increase application as they all provide a flat percentage increase based on explosion radius or velocity, so the increase in application is relative and the magnitude difference remains the same, you will simply see the application displaced higher. So you should only use Javelin torpedoes to attract NPC’s outside of Rage range, which can be extended with comps, enhancers, rigs, etc.

With that demonsrated, and for your reading ease (and also to save me some time from continuously explaining why Javelin torpedoes are redundant) I will continue the post looking exclusively at the damage application of Rage torpedoes…

4 BCU’s is in my opinion, overkill due to stacking penalties. Fitting just three BCU’s and one Guidance Enhancer increases your damage application in all cases than using 4 BCU’s (Below you can see clearly that theoretical DPS is slipping as we remove damage mods in favour of application mods). This pattern is applicable to turret ships too, and generally, most modules (try and fit them in a 3a+1b config rather than a configuration of 4a)

Having established the best low slot configuration, we can move onto the best mid slots to use as these will give the next best increase in “real world” damage. Moving forward, we will assume that the Golem is using 3xBCU and 1x GE in its low slots.

The following damage curve is generated against two Golems; one using a Target Painter II, and the other using a Missile Guidance Computer II with a Precision Script-

You can see that the target painter and precision script Golems have increased their damage application to both targets, but there is no advantage between one or the other when attacking a battleship. The target painter wins out against smaller targets, (I have not included a BC target but the difference is markedly larger, again with the target painter winning) so when choosing between a GC or a TP; take the TP.

Fitting either (2x GC + 1x TP), or (1x GC + 2x TP) you get an identical distribution, with no effect against a battleship but nearly 200 extra DPS against a cruiser sized target. In conclusion, you should always use a target painter on a Golem over a Guidance computer IF you are looking at damage application.

I would generally advise fitting at least one GC though for range, using target painters to apply damage.

Moving on to Rigs, which generally offer the lowest return, we will assume you are using 2x target painters and 1x GC.

If you want to fit more than this, the most optimal way of applying damage is to use 3x TP and 1x GC, although using 2x TP should be sufficient, and you could use 2x GC with range scripts. We are at the point where anything we add now will have zero effect against battleships, which pool the most HP, so you need to consider whether you want to kill battleships quicker or cruisers (you only need one TP to reach maximum potential against a battleship).

To save you the reading, I can tell you now that rigors are better, despite all the signature flaring you are inflicting with your target painters, as there seems to be no stacking penalty against rigors and target painters + precision scripts. The difference is marginal (around 30 DPS with two of each), but enough to see that rigors should be fitted in place of flares (as you certainly will not be using torpedoes against fast moving frigates - you have a drone bay for that)

Below I have used three fits, one Golem is fitted with 2x Rigor II, and the other with a Calefaction II and 1x Rigor I, the final is fitted for more theoretical DPS using the rigs with 1x Loading Bay Accelerator I, and 1x Calefaction Catalyst I. We are now seeing the dilemma where you need to choose between more damage against battleships, or more damage against cruisers/battlecruisers.

It is evident that using the Calefaction and Rigor fit Golem you will do more damage against battleships than even the one fit for theoretical DPS. The theoretical DPS fit Golem is wanting against cruisers (it still does a significant amount of damage but isn’t as good as the other two). The 2x rigor fit Golem is the best at dealing with smaller targets, but you loose out on around 150 dps against battleships, which as stated earlier, are generally the largest pool of HP.

I would recommend the Golem fitted with a calefaction II and a rigor I, as gaining +150 dps against battleships will work through the net HP faster than the 150 dps lost against the cruisers. With that in mind, below is the fit you would use to maximise DPS potential of the Golem. I have left the mid slots you would use for tank and propulsion empty, so you have four slots free to play with.

[Golem, Golem - Max Damage Application - Skeleton Fit]

Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Missile Guidance Enhancer II

Target Painter II
Target Painter II
Missile Guidance Computer II, Missile Precision Script
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]

Torpedo Launcher II, Scourge Rage Torpedo
Torpedo Launcher II, Scourge Rage Torpedo
Torpedo Launcher II, Scourge Rage Torpedo
Torpedo Launcher II, Scourge Rage Torpedo
Bastion Module I
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Large Warhead Calefaction Catalyst II
Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst I



are you taking the buff to the golem in account for the fit?

Yes (see the damage its doing - PYFA released a new version 4 days ago)

Also, a flat ROF buff will not change damage application; the relative distributions will remain the same, but if I was showcasing the “old” Golem, the figures would just be lower

only proper fit with new marauder changes is polarized launchers

Whether you used polarised or not is irrelevant, to achieve maximum potential applied damage you would still fit it in the same way, just use polarised launchers instead.

I thought this would have been obvious…

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Thank you for this well put together and thoughtful post. Very useful information.

You’re useless.

Use faction ammo vs frigs and elite cruisers. Polarized torps mean you can split guns and still kill insanely fast. Painter and a few MGC will get your range pretty far, and just use a MJD to compensate.

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