Cruiser missile launcher serious bug!

Here is the problem. usually i do 8 hit with T1 cruiser missile with standard ammo (460 dps) to blow up a battle ship (rats) but when i make it to T2 cruiser missile launcher with T2 fury missile (700 dps) and it took me 9 hit to blow up the same battle ship (rat) …what the hell is going on??? .i test it several times switch between T1 and T2 (ship fit still the same only replace the launcher) to make sure its a bug. can someone explain why?

Fury Cruise Missiles have a slower explosion velocity and wider explosion radius than T1, Faction or Precision cruise missiles, which means the application of the damage on moving targets is worse. The explosion has to travel a longer distance with slower speed, which is why moving targets can mitigate more of the damage.

You can improve the damage application of Fury CM with a target painter or use Precision at the expense of raw DPS.

ha I found you EZ.
The reason I 3 shot battleships with my t2 fury is I have 3 target painters + ship bonuses to apply damage, something you don’t have. as stated the explosions from t2 fury are slower but do more damage, so if something moves a bit faster they take less damage compared to the t1 cruise missiles.

It isn´t that of a problem on a Golem though.

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