Level 3 Mad Scientist Drake Missile Range

In this mission I get dropped into pocket 2 and get immediately Nos and Statis from targets 48k away.
On my Drake I can only find missiles that give me 40k effective range (Scourge Fury with HML)
I cant get closer to the source of the Nos or Statis and its too far away for my drones.
Is there some other fitting for a Drake that would give me 50k range?
Is there some other method of dealing with the nos or statis?

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Fury missiles reduce your range. Use normal missiles (scourge heavy missile) or missile guidance computers to extend your range. There are also rigs that do this. Drones with max skills and no mods can go up to 60km too.

Cool thanks, that did it.
I was going through the missiles and doing maximum flight time x maximum velocity = effective range
And kept coming up short. For the normal Scourge that comes up 25km but loading them comes out 54km
I guess I got the wrong formula for calculating missile range.

Drake get a role bonus or 25% to missiles speed, which translate to a range bonus, did you took that in account when you calculated the range ?

Plus, if you do Show Info on the missiles in a hangar or your ship cargo, I think the informations are the basic ones, without any skills applied to it, so the results might be wrong. Try to load the missile in the launchers using the Fitting screen in game, and click on Show Infos on the same screen., you should get your true range and damage infos :slight_smile:

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Navy missiles also have longer range

You can also use Scourge Precision Heavy Missiles which will give you extra range unlike Fury ones. They have a bit lower DPS but longer range and better hit precision for smaller ships.

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Precision missiles have lower range than normal missiles and navy missiles do not give extra range

i think he meant more range than fury
i think he worded it wrong

Inferno fury have a 4.875 sec flight time.
Caldari Navy inferno have a 6.5 sec flight time.

Pretty sure that means the fly further, please check your stats next time

You normally compare flight times to the T1 missiles.

Navy missiles have the same, so they don’t give extra range.

Sorry about the confusion but yeah this^

you need to take skills, ship and module bonuses into account.

The best way to do that is to use the simulation tool ingame. don’t look at raw numbers because… well, they are raw numbers.

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