I need help with a problem (DPS RANGE LOSS)

So i am pretty new to this game and god super confused after my range and DPS on every ship dropped.

I farmed abyssal and had to stop . But after i logged in aggain I noticed a DPS dropp from 150 to 125 and range loss of 40KM to 28KM which is significant in my corrax . i just want to clarify that i also lost DPS and range on all my other ships. PLS HELP ME

Here is my fitting I dont think it helps but just in case

[Corax, LongSchluong’s Corax]
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II

Small Clarity Ward Enduring Shield Booster
Small F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger

Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher
Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher
Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher
Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher
Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher
Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher
Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher

Small Bay Loading Accelerator II
Small Core Defense Field Extender I
Small EM Shield Reinforcer I

Caldari Navy Scourge Light Missile x888
Caldari Navy Inferno Light Missile x500

OK, I suspect I know half of the question.

Look at the Corax - EVE University Wiki - the bonuses it has are to the damage of kinetic missiles and rockets. Those are the “Scourge” missiles you have above. The other missiles, the Inferno ones, are thermal missiles and don’t get the bonus to damage or explosion velocity.
This kinetic only bonus is a feature of Caldari missile ships and if that’s what you are almost exclusively flying that may be where the confusion lies.

Not sure why the change in missile range has occurred - I’m getting a steady 59km from both missile types in that fitting (I’ve probably got better skills than you which is helping me here). The Navy Scourge gives me 157dps (Navy Inferno = 131dps)

The only other think I can think of is that there are NPCs in the Abyssal sites that have missile guidance disruptors - these will reduce the effective range of the missiles if they are used against you, and that would be consistent with the 30% or so reduction in effective range. The ships that do this are titled things like “fogcaster” or “confuser”.

Not sure if I’ve been a lot of help there.

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but it didnt help me it changed my numbers in normal space

could it be that it is something skill related ?

That would be my thought, but unless you’ve extracted skills then increasing skills only tends to increase performance of systems and ships.

It’s also possible to be tied to the expert-skill package that the event gave running out and dropping your skill-levels back down to normal.

The bonus to explosion velocity is for all rockets and light missiles.

@LongSchluong could it be booster side effect?

I dont use any boosters

There was a skill pack/experience offer as part of the rewards for the Caldari Day events - I don’t know what was in there, but if you used that pack then it will have contained “temporary skills” that only last a few days for Caldari ship and weapon systems.

Did you use such a freebie?

THX that could have bin it

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