Caldari shipline kinetic missil damage only?

Why should tech 1 and 2 Caldariships which have damage bonus to missiles be locked down to only kinetic damage?
When you overall lock on the lore Caldari State once belong to the Gallente Federation which used kinetic/thermal damage as their weapon damage choice, mainly hybrids, which the state also uses on their blaster/rail ships. In a sense the Caldari missile ship line should then be able to get damage bonuses to kinetic and thermal as their damage bonuses for both tech 1 and tech 2 as a minimum.

An other aspect to look into when it comes to damage bonuses all around is that all races get their weaponry damage type increased, like Amar get laser damage bonus, Minmatar projectiles damage bonus, Gallente gets hybrid damage bonus, from that perspective the Caldari should get flat missile damage bonus not constrain downed to one damage type.

Further you i want to bring forth a example, the Sacrilegde of the Amar which from lore prespective combines Amar and Caldari tech the other ship i want to bring forth is Cerberus from the Caldari

The Sacrilegde has none damage constrain on missiles, it’s pr day omni (em/thermal/kinetic/explosive) damage 5% bonus damage to missile damage
While the Cerberus is flat out constrained down to only kinetic damage bonus :confused:

That being said i am not opting/suggesting to change the bomber damage types, as that is neat niche to have that each race has their damage typed focus on that, same goes in the direction of drone damage type each for each race.

Why not?


Only the Ibis, Drake, Tengu and maybe 2 or 3 tech II cruisers are limited to improved Kinetic damage over others. All other missile boats don’t have that limitation. And those bonus are nothing to sneeze at. It hurts.

as an amarr pilot i find this topic confusing

It looks like in D&D when one weapon can deal + 1d6 piercing damage, but isnt a +3 magic weapon.

Its as confusing as CCP is confused. I would always take +3 magic weapon.

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My thoughts EXACTLY

This is why i love my armageddon! (drones + Cruise missles)
(although as dumb breaking as it sounds I would use Lasers more if we could get pure thermal ammo thats high damage)

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The Hookbill and nost CN ships also have the kinetic restriction. I think it is fine. There is no other weapon system in the game which you can rely on to deal kinetic damage, so it has to go somewhere. If all missile ships were selectable damage, they’d be OP. Especially ships like the Hawk and Hookbill.

The problem that OP has is assuming that the bonuses are the baseline and that the lack of a bonus to other damage types counts as a “penalty”. OP need to fix that and realize that bonuses are bonuses, and that’s it.


So you are perfectly fine with all none caldari ship, gets flat out missil damage bonus, and not constrain down to one damage type i presume then?

If you look at the caldari cerb vs amar sacrilegde which both are tech 2 ships, the sac gets flat out damage bonus while the cerb are constrain down to kinetic.
Same can be said about the Legion vs the Tengu, Legion get flat out missil damage while the Tengu again get constrain down to only kinetic

And if you look out towards in general towards all none caldari ship which get bonus to missil damage they get flat damage bonus not constrain down to one type, just look at the minmatar fleet typhon asn an example there.

You can also argu from an other point, why isn’t the missil damage bonuses on all none caldari ship constrain down to one damage type, can use the bomber missil damage bonuses as base line to yield onto their representative damage type, em for amar, thermal for gallente, explosive for mini and kinetic for caldari.

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Seems like people forgetting another ship bonused for only explosive missile damage other than Hound.

Grey damage rocks! :raising_hand_man: :raising_hand_man: :raising_hand_man:

Are the actual bonuses themselves comparable?

Not really.

So what? Just the bonuses don’t paint a full picture.

For example, just looking at these 2 ships, there are a number of differences.

The cerb gets 6 missile hardpoints, while the sacriledge only gets 5.
The cerb is shield tanked, while the sac is armor

So lets look at a HAM fit. Just launchers (nothing else fitted). skills at 5. T2 launchers and standard ammo.

Sac does 260 dps with all damage types.
Cerb does 312 kinetic, However does 250 with all other damage types.

So the cerb is only 10dps behind the sac, but gets a huge boost to kinetic.

Now add to this. The cerb has 4 low slots, the sac has 5. However the sac needs to fit tank in the lows.

You can get away with 3 BCU’s on a cerb, but putting 3 on a sac only yields 2 slots for tank.

This isn’t even getting into range and explosion velocity numbers.


Thanks, that was exactly my theory too :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t the Minmatar Missile Destroyer do the same for explosive?

–Gadget misses her Ironclad

Nope, Breacher, VFI, and Talwar are the only examples I know of as a FW pilot, but none of them have biased damage dealing capabilities.

Ty for pointing those numbers and fith layouts out :slight_smile:

But at the end of the they those numbers will go up or down given the target resist or size.

The Sacrilegde as you point out uses low for tank yes, but it has utility meds, which again can be use to reach further out with missiles or apply better damage against smaller targets, even fith points, scram, web, painters, without even touching it tank. As it aslo has an inbuilt resist modifier in pr lvl skill

The Cerb on the other hand, need so severly hurt it tanks do fullfilled that role, to bether apply damage against smaller targets or longer range, or points, scram, web painters, and does not have the benefith of inbuilt resist pr lvl skill.

You’re welcome.

Correct but irrelevant to your argument. In raw numbers a cerb and sac are about even for 3 damage types and the cerb gets a big lead with kinetic. Hard to justify there is a “problem” with how the bonuses are setup.

damage will go up and down with lots of factors, but for the most part those will go up and down for both ships about equally.

Yes different ships can fill different roles (shocker). Also irrelevant to your argument and only serves to muddy the waters (which is why I didn’t go into the weeds on this). But the fact that ship fittings are vastly complex and flexible doesn’t show there is a problem with caldari missile bonuses vs others.

The bottom line is that the bonuses as they stand now don’t gimp caldari, and the fact that they aren’t just “all the same” is what makes EVE so awesome.


oh god that was hard to read. I had to reread the line about the cerberus 5 times to get through yer atrocious grammar, Saisio.