Rebalance Caldari bonuses to equal all type of missiles?

All Caldari’s that solely has Kinetick bonuses, except the Leviathan and the Bombers. I would love to see dmg adjusted to all kinds equally. One Minnie ship. Gallente and Amarr has no issues whatsoever.
Maybe not all, Just Hookbill and Osprey Navy issue, but I guess also the Hawk would love to get a little buff on EM, Explosive, and Thermal dmg as well???!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:
Would this make them OP?? From a PVE point of view, it’s very hard to get some Burner missions done when the dmg don’t meet the resistances of the fooneies…

Vigil fleet issue
Manticore, Nemesis etc. < Bomber > No change needed
Corax - Talwar >>> ??? Not sure about the Destroyers, they looks ok.
Osprey Navy issue

Other factions are also stuck with their damage types on many ships.

I think there are some valid candidates for a rethink.

Whilst missiles are a very flexible weapon system that has awesome projection and appreciate that caldari have a kinetic speciality; a condor or drake loses a third of its dps if it uses non-scourge missiles. I think that’s just too much.

I’d consider changing the Condor to 5% kin damage + 5% rof (and move one high slot to a low :wink:). And a Drake to 10% kin + 5% EM, therm, exp.

All races are racially-bonused (or in the case of Minmatar, have a damage type exclusive to their turrets not found in the other two kinds). There is nothing wrong with this. Also: as you said, there are several ships (namely faction/T2 ships) that are omnibonused, so really this is “less” of a problem than you make it out to be. On top of that, Kinetic damage is a good default damage type, especially for PVE where it is often the primary or secondary weakness for rats. If you have issues with this, use a different hull - that’s what everyone else does. Different hulls for different PVE. Or use an omnibonused hull (Caldari or not) for PVE (can’t go wrong with missiles, but autocannons are also good with their zero cap/falloff/damage selection, and blasters have high power even with their damage lock though this isn’t usually ideal - avoid energy turrets unless the rats are specifically weak to EM/thermal).

Nobody else goes to the forums to ask for damage type changes just because a specific ship can’t be used as effectively for certain kinds of PVE (or PVP) as other ships. The reality is that if ALL Caldari ships were omnibonused, then that would be both OP and would not be lore-appropriate.

Cheap ships don’t have the right to be picky :stuck_out_tongue: - this would be problematic in PVP (where EM/EX are heavily favored)

That seems like another way to say new caldari players shouldn’t be effective in pvp…

False for a number of reasons:

  • You still get a damage bonus of the same magnitude as the other three damage types (very slightly, negligibly less for the Hookbill), so you’re not being deprived of damage boosts.
  • In PVP, Kinetic isn’t bad (neither is Thermal) - just because it isn’t preferred doesn’t mean it is going to underperform.
  • Several T1/Faction/T2/T3 ships are omnibonused, so this damage-lock only applies to SOME ships. Examples:
    • Condor isn’t exactly a damage dealer or a tank so you’re not missing out on much with its damage lock, whereas Kestrel is better suited for combat and is omnibonused
    • Caracal and Raven are also omnibonused at T1
  • Several other ships of other races are also damage locked at T1/Faction/T2/T3, so it’s not as if Caldari is alone and “suffering” in this regard. Boo-hoo Hawk has a damage lock - so do six of the other eight Assault Frigates.
  • Missileboats from other races with omnibonuses can’t fit as many missile launchers as Caldari can, so Caldari makes up for the “wrong” damage type with more firepower. Example: Before bonuses and without additional damage modules, Cerebus already has additional 20% base performance than Cerebus from its extra missile launcher, and after bonuses with L5 skills the Cerebus has +52% more damage using Kinetic, which is more than enough to compensate for the “wrong resist” in most PVE/PVP situations (compare the K/EM resist ratio to check), and only -4% damage if it uses non-Kinetic, which is almost the same amount. You don’t need to feel “guilty” about using the wrong damage type knowing that you’re doing almost the same amount of damage as your racial counterpart.
  • OP’s list is inflated with non-Caldari ships and non-Combat ships, which is dumb

Given that Caldari ships have more launchers than non-Caldari missileboats for significantly greater baseline performance before bonuses, giving ALL of their missileboats omnibonuses would be both OP when using non-Kinetic damage and would go against lore.

It’s widely regarded as the worst damage type.

Net resists for T1 are highest against kin.
3 out of 4 races get a bonus to kin resists on their T2 ships.

Because they have the smallest drone bays.

A kinetic lock is a raw deal, especially on a double bonus like with the drake and condor. And these are T1 ships too.

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