Fix The Caracal Navy Issue

Add a 10 percent bonus to HAM and Heavy Missile velocity per skill level.

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Instead of?

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these thing already have a role. you use Caracals in larger fleets where numbers make up for damage and range is more useful. you use CNI in smaller groups. the application letting you get away with using rage on frigs when RLML and the overall added damage being more helpful. only thing i could see is giving it a bit more PG as it is a little tight there but that’s it

Looking at the osprey navy issue, it has a velocity bonus like the op wants. What’s odd though is the osprey has more slots for tank and tackle, a drone bay and utility highs. Where as the navy caracal has more missile damage, but none of the rest.

Maybe it would be better to swap the application and range bonuses on these ships.


Application bonus on the CNI doesnt apply to RLML. Only applies to HAMs and HML.

The sad thing, armor CNI is arguably better than shield, as you can take advantage of your application with double web, or go polarized and get 600dps.

In theory the bonus would be good with heavy missiles, but the CNI with heavies has fairly weak damage and fitting to be a decent gang/fleet ship.

It needs more fitting for one, and id even consider dropping a low for a mid, to allow it to take advantage of that application bonus and brawl, without sacrificing tank. Or give it more tank in a gang/fleet setting when using something other than RLML.

why is that sad? the hookbill is the same with armor or hull tank being better

Depends where youre roaming and what youre doing. Polarized hookbill is better shield fit, as you have more base shield HP to build off. Still retain double web for range control while doing 320dps. Fun for null roams.

Its sad, or maybe the better term disjointed from lore of them being primarily shield. Not to say i wont take advantage of using armor or hull tanks on caldari ships, but a lot of their navy ships are better armor or hull tanked, instead of shield.

Its like they claim “these are the ships/race that has the best shields in the game”, but youre better off armor or hull tanking.

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