Caracal Navy needs a rework

Seriously it is so bad. It’s niche should be applying damage but the bonus is quite low at 5%, and the Osprey Navy actually will apply better since it has one more med slot for a web / TP.

Seriously I really fail to see the appeal of that ship. It’s just outshined by the Osprey Navy in every way. It should gain something unique such as a resist bonus or completely change it into a turret boat. For example bonus to Medium Turret optimal range to make it a viable sniping platform which would be a stepping stone for the Eagle. Or just keep it as it is but it needs a straight up buff to be competitive with the Osprey Navy.

IIRC, CCP Rise said 3 or 4 years ago that they were thinking about reworking the entire navy faction line. I can’t remember if Rise mentioned it, if it was a player question afterwards, or what, but I remember someone mentioning the possibility of having standings impact navy ship performance (like security status impacts concord ships). Regardless, it feels like they are trying to avoid making changes to individual navy ships because they want to rework the entire line… but they’ve put reworking the entire line on the back burner.

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That is so long ago that you could safely assume they thought about it and decided not to.

There are a number of Navy ships that could use some help. The cost to power ratio of the Navy ships compared to pirate/SoE, Trig, or T2 ship is in a fairly bad place. The navy battleships are in a pretty terrible state, though there are a handful of of the cruisers and battlecruisers that need some love, too.

I would prefer to see those ship’s power increased vice lowering their cost to make them more generally viable, though a complete overhaul to the navy rank insignia farming system for the LP store and faction warfare production would be welcome to make FW more fun and interesting (or provide some alternatives to boring and repetitive mission running, or with more player agency to get to the specific insignias that are needed).

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Many Navy ships are very good and a nice step up between T1 and T2/Pirate ships. They are very cheap compared for their price, if you pay them via Faction Warfare LP points.

Some great examples are: Slicer, Vigil Fleet Issue, Scythe Fleet Issue, Stabber Fleet Issue, etc.