Caracal nerf, why?

Why is CCP’s answer to some OP in specific circumstance has to be nerf and only nerf ?
The Caracal now has only one effective bonus per level (when using rapid ligh missile launchers, while ALL other T1 cruisers has 2 effective bonus per level with using their respective bonused weapons (if you don’t use turrets on your Vexor, that is on you).

As far as my limited knowledge go, I assume the most used weapon system on the Caracal is the Rapide Light Missile Launchers. For Heavys and Heavy Assaults (which are both harder to fit, presumably with very little usage compared to Rapid Lights, and potentialy requires more slot sacrifice to increase PG and/or CPU), I’m sure the players would much prefer having an application bonus instead of a max missile range (AND that one could apply to Rapid Lights as well).

The Rapture has both Rapid fire and damage as bonuses, which could be an option for the Caracal.

OR turn things around, give the tank bonus to the Caracal (with rate of fire or (preferably) damage), and to the Moa give it rapid fire or damage PLUS tracking speed or fallof

Again, for what I believe is (by far) the most used case (Caracal equiped with Rapid Lights), the ship only has 1 effective bonus. This is ridiculous.

Because rapid lights are op af against small ships.
They’ve been far too good for too long. It’s good to finally see rlml get a nerf.

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If you read the reasons why, you would know. Rapid lights were too oppressive. Caracals used RLML because they were OP. Now if you want to use both bonuses, you use Heavies or HAMs, (similar to your Vexor exception). I want more drone bonuses to my Vexor…but that would tip things too far in favor of the Vexor, breaking balance, and it would become even more widespread in it’s use.


You will get your full two bonuses when using a Weapon System with M-Size Application (HMs or HAMs). Weapon Systems with S-Size Application (RLMS) no longer being bonused on Cruiser hulls (except some general role boni) is totally okay. You don’t get Boni for Small Hybrids on the Vexor you mentioned, no?

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Rubbish, if you don’t take out what you’re hitting fast the ridiculous reload times put you at a massive disadvantage against someone shooting back, even rats.

You can’t fit medium hybrid on the smaller crafts.
Rapids lights ARE medium sized launchers.

When factoring the reload time, they still have overall higher DPS than medium sized missiles - against small crafts.
AND they use less fit.

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Most rlml fit cruisers could easily take out two or more frigates before needing a reload given max skills.
Trying to tackle anything with an rlml Caracal on grid was essentially impossible before the nerf.
Post nerf, it’s still a risky proposition, but it’s not instant death.

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CCP seems to believe ship classes should be equal. In this case cruisers are not allowed to be a bigger threat to frigates than frigates.

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Doesn’t matter, they shoot S-size Ammo with an S-Size application. Imho something CCP shouldn’t even have implemented in this way, but for whatever reasons they have. The idea of having a burst-launcher that trades RoF for Reload time is okayish, but not using lower-class ammo with nearly perfect application on smaller targets. The hulls not receiving further boni on them is fine, the closerange dominance against smaller ships is already strong enough.

Yes it does as it makes your comparison invalid.
Rapid lights ARE medium sized launchers.

And I agree that they should not be better at punching down than other weapon systems (except lenses because they have % chance to decay instead of ammo consumption)

We can argue in circles if you like. Fact is that the ship is projecting an S-size weapon (light missiles) on it’s targets. If the launcher itself is M or S or even XL-size is completely irrelevant for the question if so much application on smaller targets is balanced or not. Very obviously it wasn’t before, as the long range / perfect application on smaller targets made the RLML ships very oppressive and smaller ships hadn’t even much chances to come close for a tackle, not even talking about destroying them.

So, after the change the M-size launcher still gets the bonus (rof), the S-size missile doesn’t. Step into the right direction.

That’s not a fact. Actually that’s plainly wrong.
The weapon is M-sized. It uses ammunition that is S-sized.

It’s relevant because this makes your comparison with the vexor wrong.

This and that are two different things.
CCP could have also increased the shooting delay.
“being S weapon” is wrong and not a valid argument.

The comparison you made was useless and wrong.

You don’t have to fit a full rack of rlml on a caracal it is possible to e.g. mix 4 hmls and 1 rapid light, I’d be more worried about how an autocannon stabber can also fit 2 rlml.

Basically to do otherwise results in power creep. Always buffing means always having something left behind. Balance sometimes has to be about taking something away, that was the case, here.



Rapid lights were fine. This was an unnecessary change to a meta that has been stable for half a decade.

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Tackle pilot checking in: rlml was pure butt cancer.
One rlml ship in a gang made it nigh on impossible to hold tackle with any frigate. The application was just way too good.
I, for one, am glad for this change. Seeing a crackle or NOsprey and now I at least have a hope of holding them down long enough for heavy tackle to land.


So, because cruiser kill frigate, need to nerf the cruiser.

Another option: remove ALL but one bonus to all T1 cruiser.


another option : stop the game. Even cheaper to implement !

It’s not just that Cruiser Kill Frigate.
It’s that cruiser kill frigate very, very quickly. A rlml Cerberus could blap multiple frigates before needing a reload.

Bigger should be better