PvE Caracal Kite Fit

I’ve been having a lot of fun with a kiting Corax. I’m able to complete Combat Sites (Pirate Dens) and level 2 missions. It goes a little slow at times, but as long as I keep 40-45 k off of rats, I can pick them all off with light missiles.

I was thinking that I could get a caracal and graduate to level 3 missions and higher level combat sites. Am I gaining anything going from 7 light missile launchers to 5 rapid Lights (T1 currently)? Will kiting continue to work well or will I start facing ships that can match my range? Are there more potent weapons (Caldari) that can give me the same kind of range? General thoughts?

Eventually when I have a handful of replacement ships I want to move to NPC null (roughly 2 weeks from now) for pirate missions and arcs. I’m looking at adapting the kiting fit to range and melt anything that tries to tackle me (and GTFO if a gang comes in). Will a kite fit handle itself for missions OK if I’m paying close attention to local and spamming DScan? I know I can wait for a T2 whatever, but I kind of want the challenge of getting out there with a bare bones set of skills trained.

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Yes you will and yes it does. Though may I suggest a battlecruiser for level 3 missions, sometimes you find one or two battleships in a level 3 and you want a battlecruiser to handle those.
The Caracal is a fine ship.

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The only thing I dislike about rapid lights is the long reload times. Otherwise they melt just about everything you will find in L3’s.

Small upgrades make your fits work better for your playstyle. Consider Hydraulic Bay Thruster rig for missile velocity (and range), and ungroup your missiles and F1-F5 for better efficiency. For active tanks look at the Pithum C-type shield booster, it’s worth the update over T2. And change your resists for the damage types you are expecting.

Train your heavy missiles, that will unlock your skills for L4 battlecruiser fits.

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Train for the Jackdaw too, it shouldn’t take you long with your Corax skills. You will find it does very well for DED 1-4 sites and combat anoms. DED sites can/will give you faction and some deadspace modules you can use on your ships.

caracal sucks but…go caracal navy issue. passive tank is ok.

A guidance computer can do that better.

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