Caracal Fit for Anti-Frig in HiSec?

Hey guys! I used to play EVE quite a bit back maybe 5 years ago. I’ve since forgotten much of what I knew lol. Anyway… to the point, I am really just enjoying ice mining these days for the chill factor (pardon the pun). But, I am also getting a bit bored. I was thinking, between ice belt spawns, there can be considerable downtime. In the highsec system I’m currently in, though, (0.7) we get regular Guristas combat sites spawning etc. So, I thought I would put together a cruiser for some casual, low stress ratting and maybe salvage (in the rare event of a decent loot drop). Does anyone have a good fit for these factors: Missile boat (I prefer the long range engagements, just my personal preference), high sec, ratting (Guristas)? Any help would be very welcome. I was thinking Caracal, but I’m very open to suggestions. Apologies in advance for the tediously long post.

Go to:
Pick a rapid light missile launcher fit
Try it, if you don’t like it, try another, then tweak to your own preferences.
You won’t relearn what you once knew if you’re fed “the best” everything.

Thank you for the response. I’ll check our the RMLM fits. By the way, when I researched RMLM there seems to be a lot fo argument in the EVE community about that? Is there a reason?

High sec combat anoms are easy to complete in pretty much any setup. You can wipe out any of them using a mining ship like a Procurer or Skiff and drones, LOL. Having said that, just put light missile launchers on that Caracal, fill it with auto-targeting missiles, tank it for kin/therm, and orbit any structure and just sit back and let it do it’s thing. it’s that simple.

RLML (and other “rapid” launchers), have a really long reload time, which can be annoying. That’s generally the reason why some people don’t like them. But in HS combat anomalies, you face a lot of frigates and destroyers, so for me the innate great application to small ships when using light missiles is quite worth it outweighs the downside. And, indeed, you can use them to fire auto-targeting missiles, and complete sites without really having to target anything.

+1 on RLML caracal, but forget looting/salvaging as cara. Your cargo belongs to missiles only, unless there is a fation spawn.

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