Caracal for L2 missions: HML or RLML?

I am looking for advice on how to fit a Caracal for L2 missions. I read that previously RLML were preferred, but they seem to have been nerfed recently. Are HMLs the better choice for missions now? Can I hit frigates with them? This is what I have so far. The DPS does not seem a huge improvement over the Corax I am running right now, so any advice on how to improve that would be appreciated. I wanted to range tank most enemies - or is that unnecessary?

Level 2 missions are meant to be done in frig/destroyer with t1 fit and with less skillpoints than 1 day chars have nowadays. You’ll spend more time on them in caracal simply because it’s warping slower than frigs.

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Doesn’t look like a half bad setup to me. I’d stick with the heavies. Rapid lights have a horrible reload time. Having said that, a frigate or destroyer is more than enough for L2 missions.

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The answer for all things Caracal is Heavy Assault missiles. You’re never going to need Rapid Lights at this point. Heavy Missiles are the incorrect application for L1-L3. The ships involved are just too small and you will lose much of the potential dmg to signature.

Heavy Assaults give you the best of all worlds. You get more dmg application to smaller ships while still getting exceptional dmg to BC/BS. Not to mention launcher rates.

HAM all the way.

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Awesome, thanks everyone! I will try my destroyer for the L2s first.

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ehhh, more like missiles are just the wrong weapon type for low level missions in general. you aren’t often losing damage to application, but rather massive overkill. Low level mission frigs are slow and have low HP, a lot of the low bounty ones will often die to one of whatever missile.

I far far prefer turrets where I press f1 and kill a ship, press f2 kill another ship, press f3 and another, then f4+5 for the next. with missiles you have to remember how many shots each various npc takes to kill for optimal kills, or you can launch missiles one at a time at different targets, but then the NPC has a chance to rep and might require extra missiles to kill.

and yea with power creep destroyers can be decent lv2 platforms but I find cruisers more idiot proof and typically recommend cruisers. I will admit I haven’t really checked since the warp speed changes though. I don’t know how much it will slow them down.

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in the past cruisers were for level 2s and bcs were for level 3s but these days cruisers can run level 3s comfortably
also if you have time to train
you can try a t3d
a t3d will see you through level 3s
plus gets a free probe launcher
i think i ran a 5/10 escalation in a confessor once iirc

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