Fast L2 mission runner

Looking fast ship to farm reputation for NPC L4 mission. I know, fraction standing 5 and done but… im not that “old” player :stuck_out_tongue: so i need farm reputation to corp. L2 mission fast run will be best way… got Missile (Light, Heavy, Cruiser) level 2 and drone all level 2.

Any sugestion for fast ship?? Ishtar will be overpower… maybe vexor… or caracal.

Caracal is a pretty decent ship for level 2 if you have missile skills.

If you want to do L4 quicker, hire USIA and we can do that for you

i enjoyed flying a dragoon…

  • drones + (lasers/missiles as a supplement if you want)
  • Salvaging
  • large hull

pontifex is basically the same ship but better in everyway from the dragoon if you have the skills/isk (tank/damage/can boost etc…)

good stepping stone to arbitrator to (cruiser size dragoon basically)

don’t go drone gallente ships though… they are not blessed by the empress. Amarr ships are the superior design and color.

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Some years ago, I enjoyed the Hawk much for Lvl2, sites and similar stuff. Maybe you take a look …


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