Caracal for lvl 3

Hello everyone i’m looking for some help. i’m an alpha clone. i can fly either a caracal or a navy caracal for lvl 3 missions. i figure this will be a decent way to make money so i can buy omega. can someone help me with deciding between which ship, and some tips fitting it?

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Hi, you should get a caracal navy issue if possible as it has an extra launcher.

I’ve made this fit which is cap stable and has 306 dps with good skills, you should be able to fit this I think.

x6 ‘arbalest’ missile launcher - caldari navy heavy missiles

gistum type C medium shield booster
limited adaptive invulnerability field I
‘copasetic’ particle field accelaration (shield amplifier)
10mn y-s8 compact afterburner
medium cap battery II (swap for republic fleet version if you dont have the skills to fit)

x3 ballistic control unit II (use crosslink version if you lack the skills)
damage control II (use IFAA if you lack the skills)

medium warhead rigor catalyst II
mediumwarhead flare catalyst II
medium anti-kinetic screen reinforcer II

NOTE: if you need either EM tank or thermal tank, you need two resistance rigs, so you must swap the flare and the kinetic rigs for 2 EM rigs or 2 thermal rigs.

I assume you mission run against guristas pirates so the kinetic one is the one you want for that.

The total fit will cost 200mill approximately according to the simulation tool but it should work quite well for you, just avoid getting webbed, thats probably the only time you will be in danger.

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If you are going to be using faction ammo in pve you have too much money. Since OP indicates he needs to make money to pay for omega it might not be the best idea. Also you might want to go HAM’s?

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Yeah T1 ammo is fine, that was just a placeholder I guess. Personally I hate to use HAM’s, while they do extra DPS, sites end up taking much longer because of all the flying around you have to do. HM’s are faster and easier.

I also think he is going to have a hard time making omega either way. The price of PLEX is so high now, I remember struggling to do it in a drake in lvl 4’s when plex cost 600mill about 5 years ago. Good luck to him, I hope he can do it, but just be prepared it might not be possible.

Ok silly question as I know very little about Alpha clones.

Can they use all those T2 modules and Rigs?

The items yes, I’m sure I checked the rigs too when I made the fit. Skills will be the only barrier.

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Well, not quite. The modules are fine for a max-skilled Alpha. The rigs, like all rigs, will work. However, Alphas aren’t going to have the rigging skills to 4 required to install T2 rigs. As long as they get someone else to do that they’ll be fine.

thanks i’ve got this setup going well. i made a couple small changes due to price. doing t3 missions just fine all day. i’m not sure how but yes i am able to install the t2 rigs. the rigging skills say they are only for blueprints and drawback? i’m also able to use a few other t2 like ballistic control, damage control, and shield booster. and yeah, using t1 missiles.

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Awesome I’m glad it works for you. You are correct about the rigs. Even at level 1 rigs skills you can fit t2 rigs, however the lower your skill is for the rig type, the bigger the drawback is. Only rigs work like this.

nvm caitlynn got it

Yup, I’m using information that’s been out of date for three years (and I see I commented on the change on the old forums). Ignore me; rigging skills are strictly about drawbacks now.

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