Moa Vs Caracal?


Fairly new to EVE, playing Caldari and currently flying a railgun Comorant in high sec Security agent missions.
I am looking to train up and get a Cruiser, but not not sure if I should go for the Moa or Caracal. As it will dictate if I double down on hybrid turrets or focus on missiles…

Help? :slight_smile:

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For missions I would go for missile ships. Because you don’t need to worry about tracking and falloff, and optimal damage type can be selected more easily. But both are viable.

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The Moa is a good enough cruiser for missions but the dps is not that great over all but will do level 2-3 missions if set up right.

The Caracal is likely the better choice since missiles are just over all easier to use and if you keep going with missions to level 4 you are likely going to be using a Drake/Raven/Golem in the long run.

I would say go with the Caracal since if you stick with Caldari ships you will likely end up in a missile ship before long.

You can do level 4 missions in a Ferox/Rohk but there not as good as the missile counterpart over all and the Caldari lack a Hybird Marauder.

Closest they get is oddly enough the naga. Which can work, kind of. You are spamming MJD alot to tank by range (maybe some sig as well) so its not the most efficient mission runner.

Interesting run though if you try it to say you did it (om smaller, easier level 4’s). 425 II"s with damage bonuses not on a gallente boat can have its minor appeal for a moment.

BUt yeah…medium hybrids aren’t in a good spot, imo. NOt really impressive on a tengu either, again imo.

small and medium rails are great, that said you will likely find nothing but disappointment in large rails.

lv1, 2, and 3 I’d go with the rails all day, but if your plans involve going up to lv4s then I’d say screw it and go missiles.

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Caracal all the way!

this. For both reasons of easier for noobs and more adaptive.

Awesome :slight_smile:
Thank you for the advice all!

Sounds like I should focus on missiles in the long run and go for the Cara

not necessarily.

missiles have several advantages but turrets can have more DPS if you know how to position yourself (and eg match your target vector to reduce its angular)
My advice is, keep caracal/drake, then go whatever for L4s. Though phoon are very good IMO.

Your training for Heavy Missiles will directly transfer to using “Rapid Heavy Missile Launchers” on the battleships Praxis, Raven, Typhoon, and to a lesser extent Armageddon, which is nice. (It’s the only large weapon system that uses medium weapons training)

Caracals and its bigger brother Cerebus are also used in many nullsec ship doctrines, if you choose the right alliance to join.

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