Caldari Alpha Question- Caracal Navy vs Gnosis?

Hello friendly pilots of EVE Online,

I’m a rather lucky Caldari alpha that suddenly got rich (from faction implant loot) enough to purchase and fit either a Caracal Navy Issue or a Gnosis. Which one should I get for highsec level 2-4 mission running and ratting in general?



In my opinion, the Gnosis would be the ideal option since it is a Battlecruiser ( with better tank and fitting options); not only that but it’s cheaper by quite a lot compared to the Caracal. The only downside is that there in no insurance payout with the Gnosis if you do loose it, but in the long end, you can fit up two of them for the price of 1 CNI; so it’s worth it to get the Gnosis.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @ISD_Yumi!

I’d pick the gnosis for lv3s. for lv4s I probably wouldn’t use either, the damage would just be too low to make it worthwhile.

I like a 250mm railgun setup. guns highs, shield tank mids, damage mods lows.

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See Chainsaw above those are my thoughts as well.

my money is on the Gnosis -


1.Gnosis already have max drone damage where other ships you must lvl that specific ship to gain drone damage per lvl .
2.the gnosis has a handsome bandwidth for its class you can launch 5 meduim drones which is an max ammount or 2 heavy drones can fit any medium weapon on it including heavy missiles and they all have a nice damage increase from the ship
4.its better at T2 armor tank then shield tank dont need lots of skills for this ship


1.cap can be an issue due to poor skills
2.its a slow battle cruiser the other other mentioned its expensive and cant be insured

I hope this help

fly safe

A CNI is just a slightly better Caracal and a Gnosis is a complete different kind of ship. I would take the Gnosis as ist gives you more options.

oh and before I forget, you can actually run L3 missions with it comfortably and some anomaly sites , My alpha Alt acc haven’t done L4 yet still a long way to go but mine is armor tank and uses the following fit :


check stats of items use compare tool and fit with lowest power / cpu usage for starters you can worry later about fitting meta this is just a nice starter kit

High slots
minmitar Artillery 620mm cannons x5 republic plasma phase ammo x1000

Medium slots

x4 tracking computers + 4 range scripts +4 tracking scripts [depending on situation]
after burner
drone navigation for med slot

Low Slots
damage control T1/T2 x1
energized adaptive nano membrane x2
800mm roled tungsten x1
x2 any armor hardeners depending on NPC damage type this link will say who does which damage

Trimark Armor Pumps X2 / X3
Drone Rig [optional]

My vote is for the Gnosis. It’s cheaper, I think it will be more effective in the short run, and it’s more flexible in the long run.

I’ve used them for everything from combat to hauling to salvaging. Its slot layout and cargo make it a really interesting ship, so as you get other ships you want to fly to try, you can always refit the Gnosis for other uses. It’s not the best choice for any one thing, but it can be a great choice for almost anything.

An excellent ship.

Caracal Navy Issue is faster. I’d enjoy both :slight_smile:
If you like tank and destroy, the Gnosis is your choice. If you prefer quick blitz, the CNI might be better.
And another aspect: The Gnosis is still very cheap, less than half of the price of a CNI atm. If you’ve got the money, buy one!